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Tied mont 



J>*W 20 Of 

March • April • May • 4-31 

Sivftvfticr <2*006 

June • July • August • 32-51 

Faff '20 Of 

September • October • November • 52-93 

Wi/vter 2.007 

December • January • February • 94-123 

Pec 9 ( c 

Faculty • Students • In Memorium • 124-1 55 

>* * •: • > 




.r • ~ 

■ • ■ . 

^i ? 



%.- Jf. :> - 


-»•'-". v*~ 

;. ' 


_ V*"*- 










/[(Vdlsfrr: Bctjci/ J3lakcjlcc 

/tssistajvt /^lc[\)U(hr: Stacy Sim (hi 
Piloted raklicr: JDa\)id Price 

fl * 4 • Spring 



Fc icj rrtt/i&tusej 

French celebrations 

RIGHT: Dr. Curtis Bradford at the Crepe festival la 

BELOW: Dr. Stephen Whited at the French dinner 
at Anis Restaurant in Buckhead 

RIGHT: Daniel Min 
and Seth Reese at the 
French play, "Fables of 
La Fontaine" in Little Five 


^V * 

4k* ^fl 


1 *f 

ABOVE RIGHT F-B: AJ Puckett, Summer Bishop, Evan Poole, Kara Brown 
Beau Davis, Dr. Stephen Whited LEFT F-B: Brian Fleming, Daniel Min, Dorcu: 
Rodriguez, Joel Rodriguez, Jamie Telford, Tony Galloway, Savannah Johnson 
and Dr. Curtis Bradford at the French dinner at Anis Resaurant in Buckhead 

6 • March 

ABOVE: Dr. Timothy Lytle and Dr. Curtis Bradford ABOVE: Summer Bishop and Evan Poole at the French play, "Fables of La Fontaine" in Little Five Points 
at the French play, "Fables of La Fontaine" in Little 
Five Points 

Fetes Frangaises • 7 

ABOVE: Heather Thomas as Princess 
Isabelle and Danielle Bailey as Queen 

8 • March 

RIGHT: Michael Chesterman as Tintern, Natasha 
Martin as Christabel, and Don Moore as Corydor 

ABOVE: The Cast: Patrick Hawkins, Chris Schulz , Natasha Martin, Don Moore, 
Danielle Bailey, Heather Thomas, David Reynolds, Dillion Nelson, Summer 
Bishop, Michael Chesterman, Bri Hyatt, Jessica Snider, Rachel Hamilton, Eric 
Matthews, Thomas Dunbar, Stacie Burmeister, Patrick Young 

Written by: 

/1/LcrcMm 7<uJ</£/i 
Class of X)5 / 

The Daisy Princess was written 
by Meredith Kisgen, A 2005 graduate. 
The Daisy Princess was her first fully 
produced play. She graduated in 2005 
from Piedmont College with a bachelor's 
degree in theater. 

V^l jfari/ fa 

(H)c </(Hv tutftr Kticu> 



LEFT: Natasha Martin as Christabel 

ABOVE: Natasha Martin as Christabel 
and Heather Thomas as Princess 
Isa belle 

LEFT: Don Moore as Corydon 

Daisy Princess • 9 

BELOW: The pre-inning meeting at the mound 




Emmanuel College 



Piedmont College 



Piedmont College 



Southern Wesleyan U. 



Piedmont College 



Piedmont College 



Piedmont College 



Piedmont College 



Piedmont College 



Piedmont College 



Piedmont College 



Emory & Henry Col. 



Piedmont College 



Piedmont College 



Piedmont College 



Piedmont College 



Piedmont College 



Piedmont College 



Piedmont College 



Piedmont College 



Piedmont College 



Emory University 



Piedmont College 



Piedmont College 



Piedmont College 



Piedmont College 



Piedmont College 



Piedmont College 



Piedmont College 



Piedmont College 



Piedmont College 



Huntingdon College 



Piedmont College 



Huntingdon College 



Piedmont College 



Emory University 



Piedmont College 



Piedmont College 



Olivet Nazarene Un. 



Bethel College 



Piedmont College 



Muskingum College 



Piedmont College 



Roanoke College 

33 wins and 1 1 losses 

ABOVE: Brooke Smith 

10 • March 

A league of their own 

BELOW: May Alves gets a hit 

ABOVE: Amanda Powell plays the infield 


•» ■ -ill 

ABOVE BOTTOM: Mandy Fuston, May Alves, Heather 
Denne, and Ashley Dunson MIDDLE: Brooke Smith, 
Leah Delia Torre, Ashley Gragg, Emily Maxey, and 
Lindsey Paulson TOP: Coach Terry Martin, Marissa 
Harding, Meredith Ray, Lindsay Drevlow, Amanda 
Powell, Coach Jason Miner, and trainer Jason 

ABOVE: Meredith Ray, GSAC Pitcher of the year 

Softball • 11 


Take me out to the ball game 


; -1 

^^ w« • '«', 

«i^? "E^T fc '1MB 

* • 3? ' ■ 

PEfPEff^'L ^ x ^H£.mI 

K^* ^nSJh 

1 • 

K- 4 itfvtffa 

' ■t^koe* tw'AH^^r^Q. 

" rttf 

^ ~ 

It jj?& 



■■T ■ _* 

, **m 


W^l w~m 

V N. w E ff' Vi ^B^M 

H^^^A i /j ^B 


J ^B S& jL^ 

rT^^tflut je 



LEFT: The team pauses BELOW: Justin Oates 
for a word of prayer dives for the catch 
after a long game. 

Baseball • 13 


Of re at Cfrmfaktcrj S t rios 

J Alan Ritter 

Quite possibly, one of the biggest highlights 
of Piedmont College is its fantastic music de- 
partment. It is full of people who put forth their 
best efforts to create incredible works of art 
and bring to life things that would otherwise be 
dead. Although there are several ways in which 
the music department performs, the most no- 
table is the College's Chorale which is used as 
part of the spring semester's Great Composers 

In spring semester 2006, the series called 
for a performance of Josef Rheinberger's Organ 
Concerto in G minor and Wolfgang Amadeus 
Mozart's last composition: the Requiem Mass 

The organ concerto was a magnificent fusion 
of different sounds into a mesmerizing song. 
However, the Requiem was the more powerful 
of the two. Not only did it spark wonders be- 
yond this world, but it was 
a beautiful array of voice, 
orchestra, and organ all in 
one amazing work. From 
the soft beginning all the 
way through to the tragic 
D minor chord at the end, 
the Piedmont Chorale and 
music department staff 
put their very souls into 
Mozart's tragic and final 

ABOVE: Dr. Wallace Hinson masterpiece. 



RIGHT: Saul Olvera-Rubio, Jeremy 
Bishop, and Rebecca Barnes 

BELOW: Rebecca Barnes and Kristen 


ABOVE L-R: Sarah Jean Miller, Brandon Nonnemaker, Wally Smith, 
Thomas Dunbar, Bethany Fisher, Jennifer Babel, Emily Giardina, and 
Kyle Thurmond 

14 • March 


ABOVE: Micah Dingier 

ABOVE L-R: Evan Poole, Paul Meier, Jeremy Bishop, and Allen 

ABOVE L-R: Haley Jordan, Professor Barbara 
Steinhaus-Jordan, and Emily Giardina 

ABOVE: Dr. Wallace Hinson 

Music to my ears 

ABOVE: Joy Hayner, Assistant Professor of Music, accepting applause for a wonderful 

Spring Concert • 15 

a&u Pjc a 

Theatre society 

TOP: Professor Henry Johnson 

and Dr. Rick Rose 

MIDDLE: Don Moore, Stacie 

Burmiester, and Danielle 


BOTTOM: Rachel Hamilton ABOVE:DillonNelson,RachelHamilton,andMichaelChesterman 

and Stacie Burmiester 

ABOVE L-R: Regina Fried, 
Stacie Burmiester, Heather 
Thomas, Rachel Hamilton, 
Dillon Nelson, and Michael 

LEFT: Danielle Bailey and 
Stacie Burmiester 

ABOVE L-R: Joaco Camargo (Colombia), Dr. Shahryar Heydari, Diego Montoya (Colombia), 
Mohammed Fokhro (Bahrain), Boris Stankic (Bosnia), Mustafa Khalil (Egypt), Valentin Sigartau 
(Romania), and Dr. Curtis Bradford 

ABOVE L-R: top: Leo Qoshlli (Albania), Dr. Curtis 
Bradford, John Brooks (U.S.), Bruno Kalonji 
(Zaire), Boris Stankic (Bosnia) bottom: Dr. 
Shahryar Heydari, Paul Brooks (U.S.), Dr. Tim 
Lytle, Mohammed Fokhro (Bahrain), and Joaco 
Camargo (Colombia) 


From all over the world 

?iuf£tfTi/ Soviet f j 




L-R: top: Alan Lovell, Sarah Bandfield, Professor Garen Simmons, Alex Coleman 
Jennifer Gathercoal, Savannah Johnson, John Vohlken, Jamie Telford, Heather 
and Dr. Al Pleysier at the Thomas Wolfe Home in Asheville, N.C. 

Visiting the past 

BELOW: Dr. Al Pleysier, Clinton Barlow, Alan Lovell, 
and Professor Garen Simmons at the Andersonville 
national historical site 

ABOVE L-R: John Vohlken (Secretary), James ABOVE: front: Professor Garen Simmons, Jamie Telford, Sarah 
McGuigan (Treasurer), Savannah Johnson (Vice Bandfield, Jennifer Gathercoal back: Dr. Ralph "Buzz" Singer, Alan 
President), and Alex Coleman (President) Lovell, Dr. Al Pleysier, John Vohlken, Savannah Johnson, Heather 

Wicker, and Alex Coleman at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, 


BOVE L-R: bottom: Dr. Al Pleysier, Jamie 
2lford, and Professor Garen Simmons 
iddle: Jennifer Gathercoal, Sarah 
andfield, Savannah Johnson top: Alex 
oleman, Heather Wicker, Alan Lovell, 
nd John Volken at the Thomas Wolfe 
ome in Asheville, N.C. 

Alpha Psi Omega • International Club • History Society • 17 

BELOW L-R: Head coach Lee Glenn, Ashley Rutledge, Tiffany Foster, Lynne Laseter, Gracie Faulkner, Tatiana DeJiacomo, Jessica 
Van Dyke, Assistant Coach Dusty Rogers 

ABOVE: Gracie Faulkner practices hard with her teammates 

fO 18 • April 

BELOW: Tiffany Foster 
prepares to swing 



Ljnicc a /in LaCc/ii 

Sadie Blankenship 

Golf is a sport of grace and talent; here at Piedmont College, the team is just that. The teams < 

here at our school have set up wonderful relationships with fellow teammates and their coaches. Golfer . 

Ashley Rutledge says, "It's the best group I have ever played with. There is a strong sense of camaraderie . 

on the women's team. We are all here to support each other." The coaches are also viewed as inspiring . 

teachers. A love for the game of golf fuels our school's amazing teams. Many teammates say that they . 

will never get sick of golf because it's a game you can play your entire life. They also love how the game is . 

full of serene concentration, and how it gives one the feeling of solitude and peace. Unlike some sports in , 

which the coaches yell at you, in golf you can make a mistake without being scolded by a coach right on , 

the spot. It gives the athletes a sense of honor and respect. Another quality golf gives teammates is one . 

of communal openness. The teams feel that they have made lasting relationships with many members , 

of their respective teams. They also believe that golf has brought them many opportunities that will help , 
them throughout their lives. 

y\. y\. A, yN. y\. yv y\. yN. yN yN yN y\. yN yN yN yN y\. ss. yN y\. yN. ys. yN. yN. yN. yN. A. yN. yN. y*\. ys. yv y\. ys. y\. y\. yv y\. /NA. 

V N/ N/ N/ N/ N/ V N/ N/ N/ N/ V >• V >• \S V N/ N/ N/ N/ N^ VVVVVVVVVVVVVVV V V 

Women's Golf • 1 9 

ABOVE: Andy Cartwright prepares 
for his swing 

RIGHT: Ryan Cobo chips his ball on 
the green before his final putt 

yf> 20 • April 

RIGHT: Matt Goodall BELOW: Matt 
draws back for a Howell lines up 
powerful swing his shot 

ABOVE L-R: Drew Witchousky, Coach Lee Glenn, Andy Cartwright, Jason Hollifield, Matt Goodall, 
Ryan Cobo, Zach Everett, Zach Miller, Josh Miller, Mike Matthews, Matt Howell, Dusty Rogers, 
Stephen Giddens 

Men's Golf • 21 

StrreJZ ti/n 




to the honor of 

Tom and Winifred 


by their children 

Gus Arrendale 

Cyndae Arrendale 


ABOVE: Kris Chesterman helps 
a student check out a book 

BELOW: Sandi Tatum searches the 
magazines for a research topic 

ABOVE: Kimi Takikawn works hard 
at the library 

BELOW: Bob Glass, head librarian, and Lorena Rojas, public service 

, ABOVE: Chris Glass uses the library's Mayflower catalog to find a 
book for his class 

22 • April 



BELOW: JP S. Jordan enjoys the hot sauce in the cafeteria 

ABOVE L-R: Terry Jackson, Rob Enders, Debra Smith, Ashley Fountain, Sheila Patterson, 
Christine Head, Rhonda Bishop, Kimberly Dean, and Carla Kittell work hard in the 

Arrendale Library • Cafeteria • 23 

Student Newspaper 

BELOW L-R: back: Mallory Dumas (staff writer), Halley Beagle (Sports Editor), AJ Puckett (Editor-in- 
chief), Jonathan Watson (Arts & Entertainment Editor), Christian Watson (Features Editor), Charron 
Davis (staff writer), Sandi Tatum (Calendar Editor) front: Rachael Viers (News Editor), Adam Perillo 
(Athens/Clubs Editor), Taryn Gadbois (Opinions Editor), Beth Foden (Calendar Editor) 

24 • May 

uote Me 

Ernest Montford, Jr. 

Academic support is a 

quiet and comfortable 

place to do homework, use 

the computers, [or] get 

help with your classes. It 

is wonderful to have tutors 

available to us students." 

Jessica Powell 

Academic support is a 

great place for me to 

study, get my homework 

done, and talk with 



Striving for excellence // 

BELOW: Director Debra Taylor challenges students to do their best every day 

LEFT: Caitlin Delvasto lounges on the couch 
while reading for her English class 

Navigator • Academic Support • 25 

Shaping tomorrow's leaders... 

BELOW: Glenn Miller, Associate Professor oi 
Business Administration, makes copies for his 
next class 

BELOW: Dean of the School of Business, Dr. 
William Piper 

BELOW: Saad Rajput leaves 
long day of classes 

fter a 

RIGHT L-R: Rob Rottweger, Bryan Smith, 
Meredith Ray, and Christal Taylor 

26 • May 


LEFT: Business students were 
met by State Senator Nancy 
Shaeffer during a fundraiser at 
Persimmon Creek 

BELOW: Dr. Ed Taylor, Associate Professor of 

Business Administration 


ABOVE: Jennifer Pilgrim writes about her choice 
to become a business major. 

Jennifer Pilgrim 

When I was in high school, I served 
as the State and National Vice President 
of Future Business Leaders of America 
(FBLA). I served more than 250,000 stu- 
dents worldwide in teaching practical 
business skills and how to become a busi- 
ness professional. My high school adviser 
was very influential during this time. She 
taught me everything I know. Were it not 
for this dedicated teacher, I would not be 
where I am today. 

Because of her, I realized that I wanted 
to help students in the way that she had 
helped me. I wanted to become a high 
school business teacher and FBLA adviser. 
So I switched my major to business. I am 
currently pursuing my degree in General 
Business, and I hope to receive my mas- 
ter's degree in education. With my 

undergraduate degree in business, and 
my graduate degree in education, my op- 
tions are wide open. If I decide someday 
to end my career as a teacher, I will still 
have other choices. 

I am very proud to know that my 
future is bright, and pleased with my de- 
cision to become a business major. I am 
pursuing my business degree because I 
do not want to limit myself to one specific 
area. With a degree in general business, I 
will have a broader knowledge of all sub- 
jects in business. This will enable me to be 
a better educator. I am glad that I have 
decided what I want to do with my life 
so that I may work hard toward my goal. 
I hope to someday influence young lives 
in the same way I was influenced. I hope 
that some day a student will look back on 
his or her high school career and feel more 
prepared to enter the workforce because 
of the knowledge I was able to instill in 
him or her. 

School of Business • 27 

Andrew Cartwright 


"I'm a business 

major because I'm 

interested in the 

restaurant and golf 

industry. Because 

I play golf at 

Piedmont, I'd like to 

incorporate it into 

my business life." 

Ashley Armour 


"I really like 

studying marketing 

with professor 

Wetherbee. I'm 

interested in the 

different things 

companies do to 

get others to buy 


"I have a poster 
in my room that 

says, 'A good 

leader knows how 

to delegate and 

watch others do the 

work.' That's the 

philosophy I want 

to live by." 

"My parents own 

a company so 

I'm interested in 

business. I like 

business because 

it offers a lot of 

options and I'm not 

sure which way I 

want to go." 

"I'd like to go to law 
school and being 
a business major 
puts me in a good 
position to know a 
lot more about the 
world and how it 


/C 28 • May 

ABOVE: Andrew Witchowsky 

I: Dr. William Piper, Dean of the School of Business, 
I'rofessor Michelle Wetherbee, Chris Russell, and Christal 
I ay lor 

School of Business • 29 


RIGHT: Dr. Ashley Cleere, College Chaplain 

ABOVE: Rhonda Mager 

ABOVE: Rebecca Barnes 

30 • May 

ABOVE L-R: Beau Davis, Kara Brown, Jessica Wanzie, Jenny Casper, an 
Rachel Hopkins 

Graduation • 31 

O* 4 





Summer • 33 


il Belpaese 

(The beautiful country) 

ABOVE: Mary Beth Whitecotton, Kristi 
Ivester, and Kris Chesterman 

/ / Kris Chesterman/ 

ABOVE: The Florence Duomo 

Florence, Italy, home to some of the world's greatest artists and 
works of art. The Piedmont College Art Department sponsored a trip to 
Italy this maymester. It was a spectacular place to visit Michelangelo's 
David was beyond description! It was smooth, proportionate, and 
just magnificent. The Pitti Palace, which houses the Boboli Gardens, 
is a huge structure that was once a papal residence. It is now filled 
with three massive floors of renaissance paintings, sculptures and 
architecture. Our hotel was right in the middle of the city, so we could 
walk to every artistic destination in Italy. We were also taken to the 
tombs of many famous renaissance people at the Santa Croce church. 
Some tombs we saw were of Galileo, Michelangelo, and Dante. Along 
with the exquisitely designed religious structures were the countryside 
of Sienna and the remains of an ancient Roman amphitheater. We 
even got to take a day away from the city to visit and climb the leaning 
tower of Pisa. It was an interesting experience, to say the least. 

34 • June 

ABOVE L-R: Kristi Ivester, Mary Beth 
Whitecotton, Virginia Palmour, Kris 
Chesterman, Adam Perillo 

ABOVE: Sienna 

Italy • 35 

WW \ 




f f I 


Denmark, Belgium, and Sweden 

RIGHT L-R: top: Trey Wood, Seth Ash, Joe Maxey 2nd row: Jessica Clark, 
Kat Chafin, Fletcher Poland, Mike Simonovich 3rd row: Holly Bishoff, Katie 
Smith, Dr. William Piper 4th row: Monica M. Pembele, Gwen Moss, Greg 
McClure, Nedra Riddle front: Rob Nix, Kerri Campbell, and Taylor Smith 

ABOVE: Kerri Campbell, Jessica 
Clark, and Holly Bishoff 

RIGHT: Holly Bishoff, Kerri 
Campbell, and Trey Wood 

Jl- 36 • Ju| y 

RIGHT L-R: top: Seth Ash, Fletcher 
Poland, Greg McClure, Joe Maxey, 
Holly Bishoff, Trey Wood, Jessica 
Clark, Katie Smith, and Professor 
Ray Kreiner bottom: Dr. William 
Piper, Nedra Riddle, Kat Chafin, 
Kerri Campbell, Monica M. Pembele, 
Gwen Moss, Taylor Smith, Mike 
Simonovich, and Rob Nix 

BELOW L-R: Dr. William Piper, Ryan Highfield, Seth Ash, Fletcher Poland, 
Trey Wood, Mike Simonovich, Nedra Riddle, Jessica Clark, Joe Maxey, 
Michael Jensen, Holly Bishoff, Taylor Smith, Kerri Campbell, Gwen Moss, 
Katie Smith, Kat Chafin, B.D Hartman, Greg McClure, Monica M. Pembele, 
and Professor Ray Kreiner 

II III "^ 


^^fcf'j^plf^ ^£=3h 

1 - A. 1 - 


jy J?l 

1 II 




^f I 




ABOVE L-R: Katie Smith, Greg McClure, Holly Bishoff, Ryan Highfield, 
Jessica Clark, Rob Nix, Trey Wood, Gwen Moss, Fletcher Poland, Taylor 
Smith, Seth Ash, Kat Chafin, Kerri Campbell, Monica M. Pembele, and 
Nedra Riddle 

MIDDLE LEFT: Rob Nix, Michael 
Jensen, Professor Ray Kreiner, 
Fletcher Poland, and Gwen Moss 

BOTTOM LEFT: Nedra Riddle, Monica M. ♦*— --■■ m m 

Pembele, B.D. Hartman 

Europe • 37 

ABOVE L-R: top Clinton Farrow, Allan Lovell, Dr. Garen Simmons, Haley Jordan, Lauren Armour, Heather Wicker, Krystal Grantham, Dr. Max White bottom: Wes 
Tanner and Tray McCay 

38 • August 

_____ 'uauft, 

A trip through time 

» * 


.mu , 

W 1 


> ■ ii ■■ 11 H 


^f^ap^i .- -^...j 


ABOVE L-R: top: Tray McCay, Wes Tanner, Alan Lovell, Dr. Garen Simmons, and Clinton Farrow bottom: Haley Jordan, 
Lauren Armour, Heather Wicker, Krystal Gratham, and Dr. Max White 

The Colonial Southeast • 39 

BELOW: Ruben Mendez, Outdoor Club's 
founder and former president 


Our club founder is a 
Ruben Sandwich 

TP is for wussies 

We make like a tree 
and leave 

4 Spectacular Spelunking 

1 5 Bigfoot is real, and we 
are going to find him 

; There is never a dull 

17 Outdoor Club members 
do it in the woods 

\8 Kyacking takes 


|9 Beach hiking is a good 

|0 Snow Tubing is fun 

ABOVE L-R: top: Greg Brunner, 
Tim Warren, Ruben Mendez, John 
Ray, and Keith Barnett bottom: 
Debbie Ryals, Ina Warren,Eric 
Mathews (club president), Sabila 
Baimukhamedova, Stephanie 
Savrin, and Cindy Peterson 

RIGHT: Eric Mathews 
(club president) Sabila 
and Stephanie Savrin 

40 • August 

Oujhuwr Cl(w~ 

Exploring the world 

LEFT: Cindy Peterson, Keith Barnett, 
Debbie Ryals, Stephanie Savrin, Ruben 
president), Sabila Baimukhamidova, 
John Ray, and Tim Warren 

Outdoor Club • 41 


What's my schedule? 

RIGHT: Joy Ugi is helped by Vicki Herron 
(Assistant to the Registrar) 

BELOW L-R: Maghan Holmes, Chanda 
M. Defoor (Assistant Registrar), Vicki 
Herron (Assistant to the Registrar), 
and Linda Wofford (Registrar) 

BOTTOM LEFT: Maghan Holmes is 
a student worker in the registrar's 

BELOW: Laurel Carter is a student 
worker in the business office 

LEFT: Vicki Herron (Assistant to the 
Registrar), Chanda M. Defoor (As- 
sistant Registrar), and Linda Wofford 

What do I owe? 

RIGHT: Holly Howard, Assistant Direc- 
tor, and Mike Chesterman 

FAR RIGHT: Holly Howard, Assistant 
Director, and Marlee Barbour 

ABOVE: Regina Mulchi, 
Administrative Assistant 

ABOVE: Sabila Baimukhamedova 
visits financial aid 

ABOVE: Marlee Barbour, student 

ABOVE: Nicole Thomae, financial aid 
advisor, and Donna Speed, Assistant 

42 • August 

/cWrts Cl£i 

When you need a break 

n i 

Jl ■ 



LEFT: Joy Parham serves up 
coffee to the exhausted col- 
lege students 

BELOW L-R: Lara Puckett, Ka- 
tie Sawhill, Catie Buchanan, 
and Lacey Whitlock chill out 
at Java City after a long day 

Registrar • Financial Aid • Java City • 43 




Welcome to Piedmont 

LEFT: Joy Ugi supports Casey Lovelady 
as she travels through the "spider 

BELOW: Freshmen registered with 
student helpers during freshman 

Matthew Jackson 

'It was an enjoyable experience; it gave me 

the opportunity to associate with the people I 

will spend the next four or more years of my 

life with." 

LEFT: Autumn Richardson, Katie 
Corley, and Heather Vaughn help Katie 
Crunkleton swing on the rope 

Mary Beth Williams 

C"We became a family so quickly. We all 
bonded and even though everyone was from 
a different family, we ended up making our 


Freshman Orientation • 45 


tony l / 

rvriu Drew Griffin is the typical soccer player. Since coming to Piedmont 

sadie Biankenship Drew has won many soccer awards including GSAC player of the year 
in 2006, MVP, and five or six player of the week awards. He has also 
been part of many winning teams including team conference and 
2003 state champion. 

A junior, Drew has played for Piedmont all three years. He came here 
through the recruitment of Jason Smith. Although Drew dominates 
the field he also pursues a degree in business and management. 
In his spare time he hones his soccer skills by playing other sports, 
working out, and just being an active person. His favorite thing about 
Piedmont is his friends. 

Soccer is Drew's passion. He loves the competition that drives him 
through a game. 

Drew Griffin 

RIGHT: Alan Creasy plays hard against 
Emmanuel College 

BELOW: Teammates get their heads together 
before the game 

ABOVE: front: Jeremy Stille, Rob Nix, Drew Griffin, Ben Pyle, 
Patrick Ratigan, David Kline, Kuno Schaeuble, Paul Mitchell, Chris 
Leone middle: Mike Madden, Josh Seabrook, Stephen Smalling, Isaac 
Bragen, Jorge Pradilla, Joey Kreiger, Brandon Case back: Assistant 
Coach Lauren Fritsch, Assitant Coach Stephen Andrew, Patrick 
Kaminski, Srecko Trupina, Alan Creasy, Jake Kreiger, Bryan Prevatt, 
Chad Davis, George Sandi, and Head Coach Jimmy Stephens 

RIGHT: Chris Leone uses his head 


46 • August 


LEFT: George Sandi goes for the goal 

BELOW: Stephen Smalling gives his all against 
LaGrange College 

-- RJ 





^ r > 

ABOVE: Kuno Schaeuble fights against LaGrange 

LEFT: Craig Miller runs as fast as he can to beat 
LaGrange College 

Men's Soccer • 47 

ABOVE: Katie Porter dribbles 
toward the goal 

RIGHT: Chelsea Anglich plays her 
heart out 

RIGHT: Autumn Richardson gives her all 
to the game 

48 • August 

/;.,//' Freshman Autumn Richardson didn't think soccer would have a 

/Ji ( o, i big impact on her life when she started in the third grade. "I thought 

Sadie Blankenship , , . . .., . ■ . „ „■ . , 

it would be a once in a lifetime thing, says Autumn. She hasn t 
stopped playing since she was recruited again in sixth grade. After 
playing all through high school at Habersham Central, she was ap- 
proached by Coach Stephens and asked to play for the Piedmont 

Here at Piedmont, Autumn loves taking pictures, drawing, watch- 
ing movies, and sleeping. She has a deep love for math but is cur- 
rently taking art and Spanish classes. 

This is one of the best teams she says she has ever played on. 
"There are a lot of fun times that we have together and I really like 
that, but the most important thing is that I have made my closest 
shards on friends being on this team." 

ABOVE: Missy Hoffman evades the opposing 

LEFT: Jammie Boyce goes for the ball 



30VE topl-r: Head Coach Jimmy Stephens, Caitlin Delvasto, Katie Corley, 
ssica Powell, Anna Darvish, Caitlin Hurd, Mary Ann Alexander, Jennifer 
5borne, Samantha Graham, Assistant Coach Stephen Andrew, Assistant 
)ach Lauren Fritsch bottom l-r: Missy Hoffman, Chelsea Anglich, Casey 
ivelady, Katie Porter, Michelle Holland, Jammie Boyce, Erin Porter, Haley 
)yce, and Autumn Richardson 


Soccer • 49 


Fdaiiii/ /^tri Sru^co- 

Art department presents, 

BELOW: Samantha Graham, 
Danielle Fults, Tabitha Lummus, an> 
Zach Coley enjoy the collection 

ABOVE: Nancy Singer, Director of Development and Annual Pro- 
grams, and Regina Fried 

50 • August 

Suote Me 


Joanna Kilburn 

Bruce helped me get my keys 
out of my locked trunk fresh- 
man year. He's some kind of 
super hero." 

Danielle Miller 

The biggest thing that they 

have done for me is helped 

me out on my wedding day. I 

can't remember the officer's 

name, but he helped load and 

move chairs and tables from 

the student center to Demor- 

I est Springs Park. He was such 

help and I hope he knows how 

|greatful my husband and I are 

to him." 

Ruben Mendez 

Campus Police sat by my side 

and comforted me when my 

girlfriend lost consciousness. 

They made sure that she was 

| almost 100% before thinking of 



Keeping us safe 

ABOVE: Bruce Irvin and Campus Police Chief Dick 
Martin keep students safe every day 

LEFT: Jim Kratz next to security's new truck 

LEFT: Shane Free 

Art Show • Security • 51 

5Sat*25rii^ert^.^. v . 

-<v. . ~*i 

52 • March 


BELOW L-R: Wally Smith, Alex Edwards, Louis BELOW L-R: Alex Edwards, Kris Chesterman, Louis Cassamajor, and Jordan Hubbard are the men's 
Cassamajor, Jeremy Bishop, and Kris Chesterman cross country team 
prepare for a race 

ABOVE: Catherine Gearhart and Joanna Moye 
work up a sweat during the race 

RIGHT L-R: Stephanie Garrett, Jennifer 
Gathercoal, Erin McAllister, Leah Delia Torre, 
Catherine Gearhart, Jillian Pratt, Joanna Moye, 
Hayley Keller, and Kristen Pratt 

Yufcr Pnrtfe 

Beth Foden 


Sophomore Jennifer Gathercoal received the 
Piedmont College Most Valuable Runner award 
in 2005. Originally from Lilburn, GA, Jennifer has 
excelled both as an athlete and as a student. 

Jennifer has earned such high academic hon- 
ors as the Dean's List and the freshman honor 
society, Alpha Lambda Delta. In high school she 
received the Most Valuable Runner award during 
her last two seasons. Jennifer was also made 
team captain for the Gwinnett Thunderbolts for 
two years while in high school. 

An English major here at Piedmont, Jennifer 
has been a tremendous asset. 




i J? 

sHi*- \- 



* ■* 

1 fl 

ABOVE: Assistant Coach Mitch Weinstein 

54 • September 

CrOdJ CcHuvt 

Crossing the finish line 

LEFT: Kristin Pratt runs for Piedmont against 
several different schools 

BOTTOM LEFT: Louis Cassamajor enjoys the view 
as he runs for Piedmont 

ABOVE: Fall 2006 Cross Country team prepares for a long run 

/rf. CkamM^ft CmcA 


Born in Lima, Peru, Coach Ena Weinstein had her first 

major sports victory in the Juniro South American track and field 

competition. She originally represented her high school, but in the same 

year she went on to represent her city and then her country, winning a silver 

medal. From that day on, she made it her goal to be in the Olympics. In 1984 

she reached that goal by competing in the first women's marathon of the Olympic 

Games in Los Angeles. In 1987, she went on to compete in the World Track and 

Field Championship in Tokyo, Japan. Now she works as a personal, over-the-phone 

trainer and as a massage therapist. 

Ena is not all sports. In school she loved drama, and pursued acting. She 

continues to satisfy her love of drama. She has recently been in a 

commercial for and has a role in the movie, 

Grilling Bobby Hicks. 

'ABOVE: Head Coach Ena Weinstein 

Cross Country • 55 

/lc£ia)l£i/ Jocktnv 

BELOW L-R: Blake Albertson, Sheena Trimiar, Jordan Caper, Tiffany Scott, 
Brad Rowland, Don Moore, and Portia Burns 

BELOW: Chris Bryan and Jennifer Babel at CAB's 
movie night in October 

ABOVE: Sandi Tatum at the theater's arcade 
during the October Movie night 

RIGHT: Lacey Whitlock, B.J. Hampton, and Kyle 
Thurmond discuss plans for upcoming activities 

56 • September 

BELOW: Justin Koonz 

Jcc Cretin Social 

Mike Chesterman 

I once heard someone say in a movie, "Anything free is worth saving up 
for." This is especially true for college students, specifically for ice cream! 
CAB sponsored an ice cream social and free ice cream means college kids 
high on sugar. There was a marvelous turnout with an excellent selection 
of music and dancing. There was even a spontaneous dance-off. However, 
the ice cream was the biggest hit of all. There was vanilla, chocolate, and 
strawberry with toppings to mix and match any way you please. Everyone 
was screaming for ice cream at this event. 

LEFT: CAB officers Blake Albertson, BJ. 
Hampton, Justin Koonz, Mark Maynard, and 
Kyle Thurmond 

ABOVE: Mark Maynard, CAB advisor 

LEFT: Justin Vorherr and Tyson Baxter at CAB 
bowling night in September 

LEFT: Kimberly Carpenter at CAB's bowling 
night in September 

CAB • 57 

i t 


BELOW: Doug Griffin trims the trees 
outside Daniel Hall 

We can fix anything! 

BELOW L-R: top: Jason Gray, Daniel Howard, Pamela Williams, Danny Still, Doug Griffin, 
Chris Falck, Jerald Palmer bottom: Dan Hatfield, Bradley Lawrence, Andy Monk, and Ron 



We're not your mother 

ABOVE: Buddy Hamilton, Pat Irvin, Kap Hamilton, Pam Irvin, Lisa Thomas, Kathy Wompey, and Tinie Lively 

Jq> 58 • September 


Taking care of busines 


LEFT: Jeff Kelly and Monica Stephens 
are assisted by Heather Atkins, Ac- 
counting Assistant 

\BOVE: Carla Herron, Graduate 

ABOVE: Kathy Perry, Payroll 

ABOVE: Judy Haygood, Accounts 

ABOVE: Linda Pitts, Internal Auditor 


Your total is... 


<\BOVE: Amanda Martinez 

ABOVE: Jessica Allen checks out the ABOVE: Judy Hibbard helps Sarah 
books Simler find a textbook 

ABOVE: Jennifer Everett finds the 
book she needs for class 

Maintenance • Housekeeping • Business Office • Bookstore • 59 

Recognizing Gr eatness 

BELOW: Wesley Parker carries the Piedmont College flag into the chapt 
during the processional 

BELOW: Dr. Garen Simmons and Dr. Tom Bowen 

Sadie Blankenship 

Convocation is a yearly event to honor scholarship recipients and seniors. It brings the 
entire student body together each year. It gives students a sense that they belong to 
something larger than themselves. 

I filed into my seat. The organ filled the room with powerful, peaceful melodies as I 
awaited the beginning of the program. With the change of the music a processional of 
faculty and seniors filed in. The faculty were dressed in their college robes that con- 
veyed their sense of honor and wisdom. You could tell they had a deep sense of pride 
for Piedmont. The seniors held themselves prominently and with pride. When they were 
seated we were welcomed by President Cleere. There was then a call to worship. As I 
read the script from the program I found myself wondering what college was going to 
do for me. 

The Chamber Singers sang "Benedicamus Domino" and sounded like angels. The 
speaker, Cathy Henson, gave us inspiration for our future. Next, Piedmont recognized 
scholarship recipients. As the service closed I remember feeling so happy because I had 
chosen to go to college. For the first time I felt like I was a part of something big. 

ABOVE: Guest speaker, Cathy Henson 

60 • September 

CcHuf-tuttctuHv TDi 


We the people... / 

Alan Ritter 

Constitution Day, September 17, 
recognizes the ratification of the 
U.S. Constitution in 1787. This year 
the holiday fell on a weekend. The 
following Monday, students and faculty 
gathered on the quad to reiterate the 
noble words of our forefathers who 
founded this nation. The holiday was 
originally called Citizenship Day, but 
an amendment in 2004 changed the 
name and required all publicly funded 
institutions to provide education on the 
history of the American Constitution on 
September 17. 

ABOVE: Julie Palmour 

ABOVE: Danielle Miller 

Convocation • Constitution Day • 61 

r I 



RIGHT: Katie Tucker joins the women in a 
cheer to boost the team's morale 

BELOW: Sarah Lane and Jacque DeMarrais 

/Tiizino vTSizuid 

BELOW: BJ. Ostrzycki 



/Yfi/'cr 7 rfrfile 

^Alan Ritter 


1 s 


Maja Ostojic 

Senior Maja Ostojic has been playing volleyball since she was 
in second grade. She grew up in the town of Kakanj, Bosnia, 
home to only twenty thousand people. Maja's school is where she 
first fell in love with the sport, and she played from then on. She 
loved volleyball so much that when she came to Piedmont College 
she joined Piedmont's team and continues to play the game 
she loves. Maja is majoring in Criminal Justice and is involved 
in the Psychology Club. Her favorite things about the school are 
its friendly atmosphere and small class sizes. But school is not 
the only thing she enjoys. She has several hobbies that include 
camping and hiking. 

62 • September 

ABOVE: Head Coach Katie O'Brien gives the women 
a talk before sending them back to the court 

LEFT: Mandy Harmon and Ashley Chima get a pep 
talk from their coach 

Volleyball • 63 

Siitdcfti ./, 

64 • September 

RIGHT L-R: back: Drew Davis (SLC Advisor), Eric Mathews (Outdoor Club), Lindsey Brooks (TEAM Piedmont) 
Mallory Dumas (Radio Club), Kyle Thurmond (CAB), Don Moore (Alpha Psi Omega), Beth Foden (Yearbook) 
Adam Perillo (Pirates of Lake Demorest), Brian Fleming, Christian Watson (Film Club), and AJ. Pucket 
(Navigator) middle: Sandi Tatum (PC Magazine), Mary Beth Whitecotton (Kappa Pi), Shelly Porter (Debate 
Team), and Jessica Dalton (Circle K) bottom: Tyler Whitlock (Psi Chi) and Jordan Fincher (Alpha Lambda 

1indy Pfeiffer anchors for TV Piedmon 


. 1 1 






i ^U" 

LEFT: Joe Pasquarelli and TV Piedmont advisor 
Professor Jennifer Arbitter 

LEFT: Jason Martin, Sarah Simler, Renee Lowry, 
and Mary Beth Williams are part of the TV 
Piedmont team 


LEFT: Renee Lowry 

ABOVE: Mary Beth Williams 

LEFT: Charron Davis, TV Station Assistant, and 
Daniela Guevara, TV Station Manager 

SLC • TV Piedmont • 65 

66 • September 

LEFT: Katie Sawhill as Lenny ABOVE: Rachel Hamilton as Meg 
Magrath and Rachel Hamilton as Magrath and Danielle Miller as Babe 
Meg Magrath Botrelle 

Crimes of the Heart • 67 





Ambassadors to Piedmont 

RIGHT: Kimberly Carpenter, Lisa Roach, and 
Jessica Pattison carve pumpkins at the Fall 

BELOW: Ashley Rutledge invites high- 
school seniors inside 

RIGHT: Lindsey Brooks 
waits for Preview 
Piedmont to begin 

RIGHT: Lacy Reck and Samantha Graham 
direct seniors toward Stewart Auditorium 

68 • October 

LEFT: Sabila Baimukhamedova welcomes high school seniors to 
Preview Piedmont 

Team Piedmont • 69 


It's all about the passion 

ABOVE L-R: Ben Sidey, Ryan Baker, Ruben Mendez, Dr. Janice Moss, Luke Story, Mary Beth Williams, Ernest 

Montford, Matt Jackson, Jessica Schuman 

After expecting to lose most of the rounds at 
Vanderbilt University, my partner (Luke Story) 
and I pulled off, what we considered, a miracle. 
We managed to defeat Emory University twice 
and Samford University once. Three wins out 
of six created our lasting glory and earned us a 
place in the quarter finals. 

Having a losing season my freshman year with 
a record of 2-16 killed my confidence level, but I 
vowed to become Co-President of the team. My 
partner and I, along with the team, have made 
this a winning season. Winning rounds is not our 
sole purpose; it's only a bonus. The true purpose 
of debate in my eyes is to learn from my oppo- 
nents and teach them a thing or two. 

-Ruben Mendez 
Co-President of the Debate Team 

From rolling hills to city lights, the Debate 
Team's trip to Nashville, Tenn. and Vanderbilt 
University was an experience to be remembered. 
My week spent with intellectuals arguing some 
topics of today is something I will never forget. 
The trip truly brought the debate class together 
into a debate team. The team won its first de- 
bate trophy of the Fall '06 semester and added it 
to the President's trophy cabinet. 

This was all thanks to Dr. Janice Moss' undying 
dedication to the debate program here at Pied- 
mont College. Along with the help of her assis- 
tant coach, Ryan Baker, Dr. Moss is truly building 
an all-star team of debaters and I am thankful to 
have been a part of the team this semester. 

-Matt Jackson 
Freshman Debater 

70 • October 



LEFT: Monica Stephens, Assistant 
Director of Undergraduate 

You belong here 

ABOVE: Anthony Cox, Coordinator of Graduate ABOVE: Jennifer Pilgrim works as a student aid in Admissions 

Debate • Admissions • 71 

Jl TDeMr-ttnc/vt 

Keeping Piedmont connected 

RIGHT: Dr. Heydari, Director of 

/72 • October 

'(HHrv LJi 

Rhythm and Reels: A night of Hollywood hits 

LEFT: Chris Bryan and 
Rachel Holland 

BELOW L-R: Chris Bryan 
and Joy Parham, Alan 
Hurst and Lisa Weaver, 
Brandon Buckner and 
Rachel Holland, Randall 
Barnes and Kathryn 


K&iA j \ 




ABOVE: Brandon Buckner and 
Lisa Weaver 

RIGHT: Kathryn Holland and 
Randall Barnes 


IT Department • Ballroom Dancing • 73 


(tic fractal 

A frightfully good time presented by Kappa Pi 

BELOW: Dillon Nelson and Rachel Hamilton want tc 
suck your blood 

ABOVE: Jamey Wyman-Blackburn is found at the scene 

ABOVE: Aaron Land, Kyle Jones, and Jeff Akana wait to get inti 
the ball 

74 • October 

Halloween Ball • 75 

Where in the world is Cantabile? 

RIGHT: Kenny Rainey, Laurel Mullinax, and Patrick 

ABOVE L-R: Daniel Burns, Becca Barnes, Dr. Wallace Hinson, Emily Giardina, Kenny Rainey, Laurel Mullinax, 
and Patrick Anderson 

76 • October 

Cantabile • Alpha Chi • 77 




Step it up 

ABOVE: Sabila Baimukhamedova steps it up. 

RIGHT: Justin Reames moves to the beat to 
inspire the crowd at a basketball game 

TOP LEFT: Elizabeth Nylander gets down at a 
women's basketball game 

BELOW: Devin Hussey and Loni Valinzuela 
practice their step. 

ABOVE: Heather Vaughn helps to bring school j 
spirit to the basketball games 

78 • October 


LEFT: Jerisa Pierce adjusts the sound 
her show 


LEFT L-R: Jason Martin, Mallory Dumas (radio 
manager), Matt Jackson, and Jerisa Pierce 
(assistant radio manager) discuss plans for the 
upcoming battle of the bands 

ABOVE: Tim Suda ensures that everything runs 
smoothly for the student radio programs 

LEFT: Matt Jackson hosts his radio show on 

^ lljj 

Step Team • Radio Club • 79 

T^Jl. 7D(t/Ut 

Preparing professionals... 

In accordance with the mission of Piedmont College, the 
School of Nursing is committed to preparing professional 
nurses within the realm of the arts and sciences. The 
nursing graduate will be capable of meeting the health 
care needs of diverse populations being aware of religious, 
cultural, and ethnic differences and will work effectively 
within the dynamic health care system positively impacting 
health care in the region. 

TOP RIGHT: Professor Patricia 

Miller supervises as Emi Farmer, 

Sarah Teal, and Erin Shiflett 
practice injections 

RIGHT: Emi Farmer practices a 
medical procedure 

BELOW: Sarah Teal performs a 
hearing test on Erin Shiflett 

RIGHT: Melissa Harding tests Heather 
Denne's reflexes 

80 • October 

School of Nursing • 81 

KH. Da 

... for tomorrow's medicine 


RIGHT: Emi Farmer and Sarah Teal learn how to care 
for a baby from Professor Polly Astin 

* ^ 


: ^W 1 


4k iv 







a i 



ABOVE: Melissa Harding checks Heather Denne's 


RIGHT: Sarah Teal checks the heartbeat of her 
fellow student 

RIGHT: Professor Patricia Miller instructs Emi Farmer 
and Erin Shiflett in the nursing lab 

82 • October 

ABOVE: Professor Polly Astin and Emi 
Farmer observe Sarah Teal while she 
performs basic tests on SimMan 

LEFT: Dr. Linda Scott, Dean of the 
School of Nursing 

LEFT: Professor Patricia Miller answers 
Sarah Teal's question about injection 

School of Nursing • 83 


fri&tV /Let 

BELOW: Tom Bowen, Vice President for Administration and 
Finance, responds to a student's question about tuition 

Listening to the students 

BELOW: Tonya Fowler, Wallace RA, reads a question to the panel 

ABOVE: Drew Davis, Dean of Student Affairs, offers 
the mic for students to make suggestions to the 

RIGHT L-R: The panel: Linda Pitts (business office), 
Linda Wofford (registrar), Kim Lovell (financial 
aid) Monica Stephens (admissions), and Shahryar 
Heydari (IT) 

84 • November 

BELOW: Beth Foden, editor 


Yonahian '06 - '07 

~**-~ - \wBf9!fff!KK^T.: , i 




ABOVE L-R: Mike Chesterman (photographer), Alan Ritter (writer/photographer and 
assistant), Mary Beth Williams (photographer), Sean O'Connor (photographer/writer), Sadie 
Blankenship (assistant editor), Josh Hill (photographer), Jessica Allen (photographer), and 
Sarah Greene (photographer) 

RIGHT: Sandi Tatum, editor, prepares 
the magazine for printing 

UGHT: Beth Foden and Sandi Tatum, 

Town Hall • Yearbook • PC Magazine • 85 

(- - 



ABOVE: Danielle Miller as Antigone and 
Jeremy Bishop as Creon 



RIGHT L-R: The cast and crew: top: Sha 
Talton (Chorus), Aaron Land (light boa 
Dr. Rick Rose (Director), and Jenny Br 
(Creon), Danielle Miller (Antigone), Kat 
and Patrick Hawkins (3rd guard) 

/C 86 • November 


i Webber (Ismene), Eric Mathews (Haemon), Joy Ugi (Messenger), Petd 
Derator), Sarah Greene (stage manager), Thomas Dunbar (1st guard) 
|(costume designer) bottom: Natasha Martin (Eurydice), Jeremy Bishoj 
I (Nurse), Sabila Baimukhmedova (Page), Dillon Nelson (2nd guard) 


A Greek tragedy 

Antigone • 87 

BELOW L-R: Back: Nate Jones, Ben Hooker, Kyle Posey, Will Martin, Fletcher Poland, Jake Baldwin, Wes Miller, Drew Bailey, Chuck McCc. 
Brandon Mayweather, and Wesley Parker Front: Philip Erwin, Aaron Patton, Mike Adams, Tyler Witlock, Michael Rubio, Jake Green, Gre 
Phillips, and Head Coach Lee Glenn 

88 • November 

RIGHT: Michael Rubio waits for someone on his 
team to open so he can pass the ball 

BELOW: Brandon Mayweather tries to get the ball 
over the other team to make the basket 

LEFT: Philip Erwin dribbles while he ABOVE: Brandon Mayweather 
looks for an open player to pass dribbles the ball down the court to 
the ball to score for the team 

Men's Basketball • 89 

RIGHT: Sheena Trimiar shoots and scores a goal 
for the team 

BELOW: Kayla Duncan blocks the other team from 
getting to the ball 

ABOVE: Lisa Jennings gets ready as the ball comes 
toward her 

RIGHT: Nikki Sosebee waits for her chance to shoot 
the ball into the basket 

90 • November 

SELOW L-R: Back: Miles Kendall, Haley Boyce, Danielle Dutcher, Jordan Cooper, Kayla Duncan, Beth Adcock, Nikki Sosebee, Yetta 
iailey, Sara Lane, Mandy Beasley, and Head Coach Jamie Childs Front: Kala Morrison, Lisa Jennings, Sheena Trimiar, Stephanie 
Rainwater, Emily Woodward, Jammie Boyce, and Laruen Armour 

LEFT: Head Coach Jamie Childs gives 
the team a rundown of the plays 
during a timeout 

Women's Basketball • 91 

RIGHT: Daniel Burns, Sarah Miller, and Brandon 

92 • November 



LEFT: Janet Peterson, Benji Stegner, and 
Heather Thomas 

ABOVE L-R: front: Amy Briggs, Ashley Rittenour, 
Kris Pratt, Maghan Holmes, Janet Peterson, Benji 
Stegner, and Heather Thomas middle: Daniel 
Birns, Allen Wheeler, Sarah Bandfield, Wally 
Smith, Lee Lamb, Philip Jameson, Annakate Hein, 
Michael Broder, and Jamey Wyman-Blackburn 
back: Patricia Jameson (conductor), Robert 
Turner, and Saul Olvera-Rubio 

LEFT: Jamey Wyman-Blackburn on the 

LEFT: Patricia Jameson (conductor) and Robert 

Opera Workshop • Wind Ensemble • 93 



i : 


i *J 









"i^ - , 

can* 1 - *• -«i» *■'■< 


■''7 ;*>.i«5 

" '^*Ti 

■' * • » 




Go team! 

RIGHT: Sarah Simler poses for a quick picture between renovations. 

ABOVE: Taryn Gadbois jumps with alt her might. 

ABOVE: Whitney Wood, Mandy Brittain, and Taryn 
Gabois work hard for Habitat for Humanity. 

ABOVE: Melissa Crain reaches for the sky. 

96 • December 

I.OW L-R: back: Whitney Wood, Jessica Pattison, Lisa Roach, Merrissa Gallegos, Amanda Anderson, Sarah Simler and Renee Lowry front: Ashley 
jifield, Kimberly Carpenter, Melissa Crain, Mandy Brittain, Jessica Sledge, and Taryn Gadbois 


LEFT: Taryn Gadbois flies through the air. 

'OVE: Kimberly Carpenter and Melissa Crain take 

Cheerleading • 97 


Where today's students... 

BELOW: Jessica Bozeman, Clerical Assistant in the 
School of Education 

BELOW: Dr. Jane McFerrin, Dean of Education 

98 • December 

ABOVE: Jon Kostulakos is a junior 
education major 

/4 /// / LKauno co it 

By Jon Kostulakos 

I did not always want to be a teacher. When I was a junior 
in high school I was asked to join The Future Teachers of America. 
When I joined the club, I had my first field experience of observing 
a first grade class at the elementary school I attended. While I 
was observing this class, the teacher asked me if I would like to 
help teach part of a lesson. This was for social studies and was 
focusing on the armed services. In the class there were three boys 
and one girl who came from single family homes where the father 
was not part of their lives. These students always acted out of 
control, bullied other students, and performed badly academically, 
according to the teacher. The lesson started with the teacher 
introducing the subject, and these four students were disturbing 
the rest of the class. After the teacher was done with her segment 
of the lesson, I was asked to introduce the activity to the class. 
When I got up in front of that class those four students focused 
on what I was saying and demonstrating. The teacher looked at 
me in total shock when those students stopped being disruptive 
and started paying attention. While the students were conducting 
the activity, I was walking around and one of the four students 
raised his hand. I went up to this student and he told me that he 
wanted to be just like me when he grew up. From that point on, I 
know that I wanted to be a teacher for the rest of my life. Knowing 
that children need a role-model or a fatherly figure inspired me 
to become a teacher. A year ago when I was visiting that school, 
the teacher caught up with me and told me that the four students 
who normally disrupted her class became honor roll students and 
made a complete 180 degree change. Finding out about those 
students just made my choice more clear in that I am someone 
who children look up to for guidance and modeling. 

LEFT: Taylor Brooks and Amy Rine 
quickly take a lot of notes 

School of Education • 99 








ABOVE: Dr. Elizabeth Rogers, Associate 
Professor of Mathematics 

LEFT: Dr. Bill Brown tutors Jana 
Gossett and Jared Sanders 

School of Education • 101 

frfri Of /it~cj d/i€ ouaiccj 

/ Diversity, enrichment, and critical thinking... 




RIGHT Dr. Rob Wamberg teaches his science 
class about molecules 

ABOVE Dr Tim Lytle teaches his Philosophy class 
In Daniel Hall 

RIGHT Dr Curtis Bradford serves students 
sparkling grape juice at his French class s 
Christmas party 





net i' 


/C 102 • December 

Dillon Nelson, Natasha Martin, and 
)anielle Miller put up Christmas decorations in 
he theater department 

BELOW: Casey Martin on a geology field trip to 
Providence Canyon State Park 

■ % 

Though being a science major 
here at Piedmont definitely has its 
challenging moments, declaring a 
science major has been one of the 

most rewarding decisions that I 
have ever made. Not only is science 

exciting in and of itself, we are 

lucky to have such enthusiastic and 

personable faculty. After spending 

a summer at a large university, I 

appreciate, more than ever, their 

dedication to their students and the 

supportive atmosphere that they 




French and Art students stop at a 
restaurant in Atlanta after a field trip to the 
High Museum of Art 


lOVE: Jerisa Pierce discusses her goals for 
the spring semester at the mass communication 
department's SLC meeting 

Dr. Bill Gabelhausen, Dr. Rick Rose, Danielle 
Miller, and Professor Henry Johnson 

Brady Boone dresses as Santa Claus at the 
French class's Christmas Party 

School of Arts and Sciences • 1 03 

BELOW: Laura Kirby perfects her BELOW: Professor Joy Hayri 
sketch in Professor Dockery's teaches her Intro to Music das? 
Drawing 1 class 

BELOW: Professor Chris Dockery 
and Dr. Karl Michel with students 
at the High Museum of Art in 

BELOW L-R: Top: Luke Story, Cody 
Wright, Brandon Case, Sadie 
Blankenship, Joy Ugi, Mary Beth 
Williams, Matt Jackson, Ruben 
Mendez, Tim Suda, Brian Carter, 
and Tiffany Scott b ^ Ashley 
Rutledge and Lindsey Ryan visit 
CNN for a full, behind-the-scenes 
look at how the news organization 

RIGHT: Brady Boone poses as a 
statue at the High Museum of Art 
in Atlanta 

104 • December 


.the keys to liberal arts education 

■ <«* 


ABOVE: Natasha Martin and Luke Story take notes in Professor Joy 
Hayner's music class 

LEFT L-R: Jillian Pratt, Cody Davis, Casey Martin, Dan Furt, and Chris 
Russel on a geology field trip to Providence Canyon State Park 

B.J. Ostrzyckion herwayto ABOVE: Cody Davisinthecomputer 
the High Museum of Art in Atlanta lab in Daniel Hall 

"For every wrong there is a right. 
For every criminal there is a jail 
cell waiting. Criminal Justice is the 
foundation of our being. Not only 
is it important but our first duty to 
society is justice." 

School of Arts and Sciences • 105 

LjimAJ CcHtccri 

Lessons and carols 

BELOW: Dr. Wallace Hinson and Becca Barnes condui 

ABOVE: Becca Barnes 
BELOW: Jeff Akana and Charron Davis 

ABOVE: Dr. Wallace Hinson 

ABOVE: Students and community members filled the chapel 

106 • December 

J^aJco JDcstitfrejt 

ABOVE: Beth Foden and Halley Beagle compete in the "gallon challenge," each 
chugging a half-gallon of eggnog 

Christmas Concert • Pirates of Lake Demorest • 1 07 

RIGHT: Tyler Baldonado 




108 • January 

ABOVE L-R: Lindsey Hughes, Tyler Baldonado, Katie Buice, Aimee Garner, Stephanie Smith, Mindy Pfeiffer, Jenny Shane, Marlen 
Morris, Mallory Dumas, Mary Ann Alexander, and Coach Shane Wood 

Women's Tennis • 1 09 

BELOW: Joey Leonardo 

110 • January 

ABOVE: Joey Leonardo 

/'/*„,;■ />,; 

Chris Leonardo 

Chris Leonerdo is a freshman tennis player here at Piedmont College. Currently 18, Chris 
started playing tennis around the age of 11. Formally Chris was involved in lots of sports but 
decided "tennis was the one." He got into it easy and learned the basics quicker than usual. 
Chris it seems was naturally attuned to the sport. His brother and sisters also play tennis. He 
enjoyed all the nice people he met while involved in tennis and enjoyed the motivation offered 
by his coaches and fellow players. Chris is very good at the game now. He feels that speed, 
agility and a good mental state is 'the way to play." Chris is not thinking of making a career in 
tennis however. Currently he has an undecided major, but feels he wants to become a physical 
therapist and plans to transfer to UGA. He doesn't plan on playing tennis at UGA, although one 
can be certain that tennis will always be a major part of his life. 



I - 


Men's Tennis • 111 


Art Society 

RIGHT L-R: top: Cody Davis and Cory Curtis 
middle: Jennifer Osborne, Mary Beth Williams, 
and Regina M. Fried bottom: George Sandi, 
Danielle Dutcher, and BJ. Ostrzycki 

RIGHT: Jennifer Osborne takes notes at the 

112 • January 


J Athens • Demorest 

LEFT: Construction begins on the new Mass 
Communications and Theatre building which is scheduled 
to open Fall 2007 

LEFT: The main lobby of the Athens expansion main 
building which is scheduled to open Fall 2007 

LEFT: The main building purchased from Prince 
Avenue Baptist Church will house most of the 
classes for Athens campus 

Kappa Pi • Expansion • 113 

114 • January 

7\c<suic/ux X-.c f& 

Making Piedmont home 

ABOVE: Mark Maynard, Residence Life Coordinator, and Drew Davis, Dean of Student 
Affairs, take students to a Thrashers game at Phillips Arena 

Couples • Residence Life • 115 

LEFT: Zach Coley and Luke Story enjoy a pizza from 
Little Caesars in the Purcell lobby 

BELOW: Joy Ugi and Mary Beth Williams hang out 
in Purcell 




"' M 



ABOVE: Mimi Fortune and Yetta Bailey in the G-B 

LEFT: Jessica Allen and Shelley Porter hang out in 

Dorm Life • 117 

RIGHT: The cast of Working: The 

118 • February 

Working: The Muscial • 119 

120 • February 

LEFT: Thanh Nguyen takes notes in his Educational 
Research class 

BELOW: Stephanie Branton, graduate assistant 

ABOVE: Tabitha Shelton takes a minute to grab a 
soda in the snack area before going to class 

ABOVE: Barbara Almond, Media Specialist 

ABOVE: Dr. Patricia Sherrer, Assistant Professor 
of Business 

Athens • 121 

RIGHT L-R: Craig Joyner, Heather Aldridge, 
Meredith Floyd, Chris Unde, and Chris Carson 

BELOW: Sally Rodgers, LaTasha Boynton, and 
Beth Kiss in their Science in Education class 

7 -Ik M 

ABOVE: Jinny Hudsin prepares a snack before 


ABOVE: Dr. Edward Wolfe, Assistant Professor 
of Business 

ABOVE: Dr. Heather Fosgate, Assistant Professot 
of Education 

/£> 122 • February 


one tradition 






LEFT: Dr. Bill Brown uses a hair-dryer and a 
ping-pong ball to demonstrate air flow to his 
Science in Education class 

BELOW: Ruth Collins studies for her Intro to 
Technology class 

ABOVE: Siesta Pettiford and Catherine Benca 
wait for their Educational Research class to 

in 1995 

Athens • 1 23 



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Campuses make giant leaps 

The 2006-07 school year has 
been a time of great change for 
Piedmont's 109-year-old Demorest 
campus and for our 12-year-old 
Athens campus. This year, both 
campuses are undergoing major 
transformations as we add a new 
Center for Performing Arts and 
Communications in Demorest and 
dramatically expand the PC-Athens 

In Demorest, the Center 

for Performing Arts and 

Communications will impact not 

just Piedmont College but the 

entire northeast Georgia area. 

With a modern 350-seat theater, 

the Center will provide a venue for the performing arts unmatched in the region, and 

it will allow the college to showcase performances by our talented theatre and music 


The facilities for mass communications programs will be equally state-of-the-art. With 
studios for television and radio production, as well as computer labs for print and online 
media production, Piedmont students will be prepared for whatever the future holds as 
these forms of communication merge. 

In Athens, it is difficult to understate what the expansion of the campus will mean to your 
college. For the first time since opening a campus in Athens, we will have the facilities 
to meet the growing demand for Piedmont's "small-college" classes. We also will be able 
to offer programs for undergraduate students from their freshman to senior years and 
expanded graduate programs as well. 

Whichever campus you attend, I hope you enjoy using the new buildings. And for you 
new graduates, I trust you will come back to enjoy them for many years to come in your 
new role as Piedmont College alumni. 

W. Ray Cleere 

126 • People 


Vice President for Academic Affairs 
Dean, School of Arts and Sciences 


Vice President, Athens Campus 


Dean, School of Education 


Dean, R.H. Daniel School of 


Dean, School of Business 

Letter from the President • Deans • 127 

Then and now 

Kathy Bolt 

Tom Bowen 


Sandy Bridgers Ellen Briggs 

Ed Carmack Sean Carrigan Michael Chittum Ashley Cleere Anthony Cox 

John Davis Chanda Defoor Sandra Dickson Michael Dillon Chris Dockery 

128 • People 

Lisa Brookshire Liz Butikofer Angela Butler Sue Calcagni 


Bob Cummings Kel Lee Cutrell Viviane Daigle Drew Davis 

Shirley Duncan John Dzik 

Luther Elrod 

Maria Fisk 

Janet Forney 


f»* * 

Faculty and Staff- 129 

/£/ 130 • People 


Gwen Gantt Mark Gardner Paul Greene Rocky Hardy 

Holly Howard Henry Johnson Patsy Keef 

Jeff Kelly 

Madge Kibler 

Timothy Lytle James MacNeil 





Then and now 

David Hawkins Joy Hayner Phillip Hayner Vicki Herron 

Carol Kokesh 

Wally Hinson 


Tinie Lively 

Kim Love 1 1 

Charles Lucado 

Cathy Miller Susan Mills Martin Whitney 

Montgomery Montgomery 

Janice Moss 

Faculty and Staff • 131 

rdaiLti/ (ttuv oteL 

Then and now 

Julie Palmour 

Gene Pease 

Kathy Perry Cindy Peterson William Pipes 

Mike Savage 

Linda Scott Teresa Secules Stacy Simon 

Ralph Singer 

132 • People 

Keith Nelms Katie O'Brien 

Jan Pulliam Betty Rogers Lorena Rojas Cristin Rollins 

Rick Rose 

Faculty and Staff* 133 

Michael Adams 

Beth Adcock 

Jeff Akana 

Blake Albertson 

Mary Ann Alexander 

Chelsea Angelich 

Maria Arenas 

Stephanie Austin 

Drew Bailey 

Ryan Bailey 

Yetta Bailey 

Tyler Baldonado 

Jake Baldwin 

Isaac Bargen 

Halley Beagle 

Mandy Beasley 

Kelli Bible 

Jeremy Bishop 

Sadie Blankenship 

Haley Boyce 

Jammie Boyce 

Logan Brooks 

Stan Brosko 

Katie Buice 

Stacie Burmeister 

Matt Bryne 

Christopher Carson 

Brian Carter 

Andy Cartwright 

Brandon Case 

134 • People 



This year Piedmont students were 
given the opportunity to include 
their favorite picture of themselves 
in this year's Yonahian. The following 
pages consist of real students doing 
real things in their lives. Athletes, 
musicians, cowgirls, and much more 
can be found right here. Without us 
there is no Piedmont. 

Louis Cassamajor 
Dave Champagne 
Kris Chesterman 
Mike Chesterman 
Ashley Chima 

Students • 1 35 

Meghann Clark 

Nikki Cole 

Zach Coley 

Jordan Cooper 

Katie Corley 

Barry Cowan 

Melissa Crian 

Anna Darvish 

Shae David 

Chad Davis 

Charron Davis 

Cody Davis 

Leah Delia Torre 

Caitlin Delvasto 

Jacque DeMarrais 

Mallory Dumas 

Kayla Duncan 

Danielle Dutcher 

Philip Erwin 

Gracie Faulkner 

Beth Foden 

Danielle Fultz 

Taryn Gadbois 

Merrissa Gallego 

136 • People 


Aimee Garner 
Stephanie Garrett 
Jennifer Gathercoal 
Catherine Gearhart 
Stephen Giddens 
Chris Glass 

Amber Goode 
Krystal Grantham 
Jake Green 
Drew Griffin 
Katie Griffin 
Daniela Guevara 

Rachel Hamilton 
Mandi Harmon 
Patrick Hawkins 
Josh Hill 
Missy Hoffman 
Michelle Holland 

Rachel Holland 
Christy House 
Caitlin Hurd 
Bri Hyatt 
Sadd Iftikhar 
Lisa Jennings 

Students • 1 37 

Joanna Kilburn 

David Kline 

Justin Koonz 

Jake Krieger 

Joey Krieger 

Sarah Lane 

Lynne Laseter 

TaShara Lee 

Chris Leone 

Carmen Little 

Casey Lovelady 

Renee Lowry 

138 • People 

LEFT: Matt Jackson 


Katherine Dunn 



V '■■» 

. n 

t „ ■ 





^)r l!j , j 



Michael Madden 
Mandi Harmon 
Kristine Mapp 
Natasha Martin 
Will Martin 
Eric Mathews 

Brandon Mayweather 
Erin McAllister 
Chuck McCoy 
Danielle Miller 
Wes Miller 
Josh Mitchem 

Tomas Montilla 
Don Moore 
Kala Morrison 
Joanna Moye 
Jenna Murphy 
Amy Naylor 

Students • 1 39 


ABOVE: Ruben Mendez 

140 • People 

Jennifer Pilgrim 
Amanda Poland 
Fletcher Poland 
Justin Poole 
Erin Porter 

Katie Porter 
Kyle Posey 
Jessica Powell 
Jorge Pradilla 
Jillian Pratt 

Kristin Pratt 
Bryan Prevatte 
AJ Puckett 
Ben Pyle 
Stephanie Rainwater 

Megan Ramsey 
Patrick Ratigan 
Tierney Reid 
Autumn Richardson 
Jennifer Richardson 

Alan Ritter 
Rob Rittweg 
Lisa Roach 
Michael Rubio 
George Sandi 

Students* 141 

Sara Sarrett 
Kuno Schaeuble 
Rebecca Scruggs 

Josh Seabrook 
Sarah Simler 

Jessica Sledge 

Stephen Smalling 

Nikki Sosebee 

Jill Sparger 

Jeremy Stille 

Tim Suda 

Kimi Takikawa 

Amanda Tallent 

Sandi Tatum 

Jamie Telford 

Heather Thomas 

Sheena Trimiar 

Srecko Trupina 

Katie Tucker 

Loni Valinzuela 

Jessica Van Dyke 

Lara Varner 

Heather Vaughn 

Rachel Viers 

Christian Watson 

Jonathan Watson 

Shannon Webber 

Lacey Whitlock 

Tyler Whitlock 

Erin Widmer 

142 • People 


ABOVE: Jerisa Pierce 

Students • 1 43 

Most Businesslike 

A.J. Puckett 

Jennifer Pilgrim 

144 • People 

Most Theatrical 

Danielle Miller 

Patrick Hawkins 




^■»m.o*%5'S!fc 1 

Andy House 

Superlatives • 145 

146 • People 

Best of the Best 


Superlatives • 147 


Best of the best 

148 • People 

Service rrcHjccts 

LEFT: Jenna Murphy wraps gifts for children 
with the Rotaract Club 

Reaching Out 

ABOVE: Taryn Gadbois, Amanda Anderson, 
Jessica Sledge, and Whitney Wood try to block 
out any of the loud construction sound around 

ABOVE: Sadie Blankenship and Luke Story find 
a big ant problem at Circle of Hope 

\BOVE: Sadie Blankenship, Matthew Jackson, 
Brandon Case, Tiffany Scott, Luke Story, 
fatiana Dejiacomo, Mary Beth Williams, Ashley 
*utledge, and Tim Suda all went to Circle of 
Hope for their PC 101 service project. 


Service Projects • 1 49 

Sertfcco Pr&f, 

150 • People 

Making a^ifference 


ABOVE: Sarah Simler, Renee Lowry, Lisa Roach, 
Taryn Gadbois, and Amanda Anderson 

LEFT L-R: Front: Lisa Alford, Ashley Benfield, 
Taryn Gadbois, Melissa Crain, Jessica Pattison, 
Amanda Anderson, Mandy Brittain, and Kel lee 
Cutrel Back: Renee Lowry, Lisa Roach, Sarah 
Simler, Whitney Wood, Kimberly Carpenter, 
Shantara Huff, and Jessica Sledge are all 
helping out with Habitat for Humanity. 

Service Projects • 151 

Service PrcHjects 

Doing good deeds 


RIGHT: Whitney Wood, Mandy Brittain, and 
Jessica Pattison wear masks to keep dust out 
of their faces A 

ABOVE: Dr. Janice Moss is in 
charge of the service project that 
the Rotaract Club is doing. 

ABOVE: Tim Suda, Matthew Jackson, Beth Foden, 
Jenna Murphy, and Dr. Janice Moss wrap up gifts 
for children with the Rotaract Club 

ABOVE: Ashley Rutledge, Tatiana Dejiacomo, 
Tiffany Scott, and Tim Suda clean up outside a 
Circle of Hope 

152 • People 

Service Projects • In Memory • 1 53 

154 • 2006 - 2007 

Candids • 155 


Adams, Jeremy 114 

Adams, Kalee 31 

Adams, Michael 88, 89, 134 

Adcock, Beth 91, 134 

Akana, Jeff 60, 74, 106, 134 

Albertson, Blake 56, 57, 134 

Aldridge, Heather 122 

Alexander, Mary Ann 49, 134 

Alford, Lisa 151 

Allen, Hollie 28, 29 

Allen, Jessica 59, 85, 116, 117, 135 

Almond, Barbara 121 

Alves, May 11 

Anderson, Amanda 97, 149, 151 

Anderson, Patrick 76, 146 

Angelich, Chelsea 48, 49, 134 

Arbitter, Jennifer 65 

Arenas, Maria 76, 134 

Armour, Ashley 28 

Armour, Laruen 91 

Armour, Lauren 38, 39 

Ash, Brian 120 

Ash, Seth 36, 37 

Astin, Polly 81, 82, 83, 129 

Atkins, Heather 59 

Austin, Rick 129 

Austin, Stephanie 134 


Babel, Jennifer 14, 56, 92, 146 

Bailey, Drew 88, 89, 134 

Bailey, Ryan 134 

Bailey, Yetta 91, 115, 117, 134, 147 

Baker, Ryan 70 

Baldonado, Tyler 134 

Baldridge, Anthony 77 

Baldwin, Jake 88, 134 

Bandfield, Sarah 17, 93 

Barbour, Marlee 42 

Bargen, Isaac 134 

Barker, Sandra 100 

Barlow, Clinton 17 

Barnes, Randall 73 

Baxter, Tyson 57 

Beagle, Halley 24, 43, 107, 134 

Beasley, Mandy 91, 134 

Below, Rachel Holland 73 

Benca, Catherine 123 

Benfield, Ashley 97, 151 

Benfield, Nichole 114 

Benson, Barbara 129 

Berrong, Marilyn 129 

Bible, Kelli 134 

Birns, Daniel 93 

Bishoff, Holly 36, 37 

Bishop, Jeremy 14, 15, 54, 86, 134 

Bishop, Rhonda 23 

Bishop, Summer 6, 7, 9 

Blakeslee, Advisor Betsey 24 

Blakeslee, Betsey 129 

Blankenship, Sadie 19, 46, 49, 60, 61, 

85, 104, 134, 149 

Boone, Brady 103, 104 

Botrelle, Babe 66, 67 

Bottom, Alex Coleman 17 

Bottom, Assistant Coach Lauren F 49 

Bottom, Clinton Farrow 39 

Bottom, Max White 38 

Bottoms, Sally 98 

Bowen, Tom 60, 84, 128 

Boyce, Haley 49, 91, 134 

Boyce, Jammie 49, 91, 148 

Boyle, Chick 66 

Boynton, LaTasha 122 

Bozeman, Jessica 98, 128 

Bozeman, Kasey 135 

Bradford, Curtis 6, 7, 16, 61, 77, 102, 


Bragen, Isaac 46 

Branton, Stephanie 121 

Bridgers, Sandy 128 

Briggs, Amy 93 

Briggs, Ellen 128 

Brittain, Mandy 97, 151, 152 

Broder, Michael 93 

Brooks, John 16, 72 

Brooks, Lindsey 64, 68, 75 

Brooks, Logan 114 

Brooks, Paul 16 

Brooks, Taylor 99 

Brookshire, Lisa 100, 128 

Brosko, Stan 134 

Brown, Bill 101, 123 

Brown, Kara 6, 7, 30 

Bryan, Chris 43, 56, 73, 137, 147 

Bryant, Jenny 86 

Bryne, Matt 134 

Buchanan, Catie 43, 136 

Buchannan, Catie 104 

Buckner, Brandon 73 

Buice, Katie 134 

Bunker, Jessica 31 

Burmeister, Stacie 9, 16, 66, 134 

Burns, Daniel 60, 76, 92 

Burns, Portia 56 

Butikofer, Liz 128 
Butler, Angela 128 

Calcagni, Sue 128 

Camargo, Joaco 16 

Campbell, Kerri 36, 37 

Cantfort, Dale Van 132 

Caper, Jordan 56 

Carlson, Stephen 128 

Carmack, Ed 128 

Carpenter, Kimberly 44, 57, 68, 97, 


Carpenter, Rob 114 

Carrigan, Sean 128 

Carson, Chris 122 

Carson, Christopher 134 

Carter, Brian 104, 114, 134 

Carter, Laurel 42 

Cartwright, Andrew 28 

Cartwright, Andy 20, 21, 134 

Casa major, Lois 44 

Case, Brandon 104, 134, 149 

Case, Brandon 46 

Casper, Jenny 30 

Cassamajor, Louis 54, 55, 135 

Catrel, Kelly 69 

Caudill, Jamie 72 

Chafin, Kat 36, 37 

Champagne, Dave 135 

Chesterman, Kris 22, 34, 35, 54, 135 

Chesterman, Michael 8, 9, 16, 23 

Chesterman, Mike 42, 57, 85, 135 

Chi, Alpha 77 

Chi, Psi 64 

Chima, Ashley 63, 135 

Chittum, Michael 106, 128 

Clark, Jessica 36, 37 

Clark, Meghann 63, 136 

Cleere, Ashley 128 

Cleere, President Ray 31, 60, 77, 126 

Club, Film 64 

Coach, Champion 55 

Cobo, Ryan 20, 21, 146 

Cole, Nikki 136 

Coleman, Alex 17 

Coley, Zach 50, 117, 136 

Collins, Ruth 123 

CookCleere, Ashley 30 

Cooper, Jordan 91, 136 

Corley, Katie 44, 45, 49, 136 

Cowan, Barry 136 

Cox, Anthony 71, 128 

Crain, Melissa 96, 97, 151 

Creasy, Alan 46 

156 • Index 

Crowder, Clay 128 
Crunkleton, Katie 44, 45 
Cummings, Bob 128 
Cummings, Katie 75 
Curtis, Cory 112 
Cutrel, Kelly 151 


Dalton, Jessica 64 

Darvish, Anna 49, 136 

David, Michelangelo 34 

David, Shae 136 

Davis, Beau 6, 7, 30 

Davis, Chad 46, 136 

Davis, Charron 24, 60, 65, 106, 136, 

145, 147 

Davis, Cody 105, 112, 136 

Davis, Drew 64, 84, 115 

Davis, John 128 

Day, Megan 100 

Dean, Kimberly 23 

Defoor, Chanda 128 

DeJiacomo, Tatiana 18 

Dejiacomo, Tatiana 149, 152 

Delvasto, Caitlin 25, 48, 49, 136 

DeMarrais, Jacque 62, 136 

Denne, Heather 11, 80, 82 

Dickson, Sandra 128 

Dillon, Michael 128 

Dingier, Micah 15 

Dockery, Chris 50, 104, 128 

Dodd, Jamie 120 

Domino, Benedicamus 60 

Drevlow, Lindsay 11 

Dumas, Mallory 24, 64, 79, 136, 148 

Dunbar, Thomas 8, 9, 14, 86, 87 

Duncan, Kayla 90, 91, 136 

Duncan, Shirley 128 

Dunk, Slam 88 

Dunn, Katherine 139 

Duomo, Florence 34 

Dutcher, Danielle 91, 112 

Dyke, Jessica Van 18, 142 

Dzik, John 128 

Edwards, Alex 54 
Elrod, Luther 128 
Enders, Rob 23 
English, An 54 
Ensemble, Wind 92 
Erwin, Philip 88, 89, 136 
Estate, Biltmore 17 
Everett, Jennifer 59 
Everett, Zach 21 

Falck, Chris 58 

Farist, Dustin 72, 147 

Farmer, Emi 80, 82, 83 

Farrow, Clinton 38 

Faulkner, Grace 18 

Faulkner, Grade 18, 136 

Fincher, Jordan 64 

Fisher, Bethany 14 

Fisk, Maria 128 

Fleming, Brian 6, 43, 64 

Floyd, Meredith 122 

Foden, Beth 24, 54, 64, 85, 107, 114, 

136, 152 

Fokhro, Mohammed 16 

Forney, Janet 128 

Fortune, Mimi 29, 98, 117 

Fosgate, Heather 122 

Foster, Tiffany 18, 19 

Fountain, Ashley 23 

Fowler, Tonya 44, 84, 107, 115 

Free, Shane 51 

Fried, Regina 16, 50 

Fritsch, Assistant Coach Lauren 46 

Fronrath, Kyle 

Fultz, Danielle 50, 136 

Furt, Dan 105 

Fuston, Mandy 11 

Gabelhausen, Bill 103 

Gabelhausen, William 130 

Gabois, Taryn 96 

Gadbois, Taryn 24, 96, 97, 136, 149, 


Gallegos, Merrissa 97, 136 

Galloway, Tony 6, 7 

Games, Olympic 55 

Gantt, Gwen 130 

Gardens, Boboli 34 

Gardner, Mark 130 

Garner, Aimee 137 

Garrett, Stephanie 54, 137 

Gathercoal, Jennifer 17, 54, 114, 137 

Gearhart, Catherine 54, 137 

Giardina, Emily 14, 15, 76 

Giddens, Stephen 21, 137 

Glass, Bob 22 

Glass, Chris 22, 137 

Glenn, Lee 18 

Goodall, Matt 21, 144 

Goode, Amber 137 

Gossett, Jana 101 

Gragg, Ashley 11 

Graham, Samantha 49, 50, 68, 136 

Grantham, Krystal 38, 39, 137 

Gray, Jason 58 

Green, Jake 88,115,137,147 

Greene, Paul 130 

Greene, Sarah 23, 85, 86, 104, 116, 


Greer, Tamara 120 

Griffin, Doug 58 

Griffin, Drew 46, 137 

Griffin, Katie 114, 115, 137 

Guevara, Daniela 65, 137 


Hall, Melissa 104 

Hamilton, Buddy 58 

Hamilton, Kap 58 

Hamilton, Rachel 9, 16, 66, 67, 74, 


Hampton, J. 56, 57 

Harding, Marissa 11 

Harding, Melissa 80, 82 

Hardy, Rocky 130 

Harless, Nikki 71 

Harmon, Mandi 63, 137, 139 

Hartman, D. 37 

Hatfield, Dan 58 

Hawkins, David 130 

Hawkins, Patrick 9, 23, 86, 137, 145 

Haygood, Judy 59 

Hayner, Joy 15, 104, 105, 130 

Hayner, Phillip 130 

Head, Christine 23 

Hein, Annakate 93 

Hendrix, Perry 61 

Henry, Jason 11 

Henson, Cathy 60 

Herron, Carla 59 

Herron, Vicki 42, 130 

Heydari, Shahryar 16, 84 

Hibbard, Judy 59 

Hicks, Grilling Bobby 55 

Highfield, Ryan 37 

Hill, Josh 85, 137 

Hinson, Wallace 106 

Hinson, Wally 130 

Hoffman, Missy 49, 137 

Holder, Greg 60 

Holland, Kathryn 73 

Holland, Michelle 49, 137 

Holland, Rachel 73, 137 

Hollifield, Jason 21 

Holmes, Maghan 42, 93, 116 

Home, Thomas Wolfe 17 

Hooker, Ben 88 

Hopkins, Rachel 30 

House, Andy 145 

House, Christy 115, 137 

Howard, Daniel 58 

Howard, Holly 42, 130 

Howell, Cierra 153 

Index • 157 

Howell, Matt 21, 28 
Hubbard, Jordan 54 
Hubbard, Yosheika 138 
Hudsin, Jinny 122 
Huff, Shantara 151 
Hunt, Travis 
Hurd, Caitlin 49, 137 
Hurst, Alan 73 
Huss, Becky 120 
Hussey, Devin 78 
Hussey, Devon 23 
Hyatt, Bri 9, 137 


Iftikhar, Sadd 137 
Irvin, Bruce 51 
Irvin, Pam 58 
Irvin, Pat 58 
Irvin, Stephanie 141 
Ivester, Kristi 34, 35 


Jackson, Matt 70, 79, 104, 139 

Jackson, Matthew 45, 149, 151, 152 

Jackson, Terry 23 

Jameson, Patricia 93 

Jameson, Philip 93 

Jennings, Lisa 90, 91, 137 

Jensen, Michael 37, 72, 114 

Johnson, Henry 16, 103 

Johnson, Henry 130 

Johnson, Savannah 6, 7, 17, 103, 114, 


Jones, Kyle 74, 138 

Jones, Nate 88 

Jones, Tim 

Jordan, Haley 15, 38, 39 

Jordan, JP 138 

Joyner, Craig 122 


Kacak, Lara 138 

Kalonji, Bruno 16 

Kaminski, Patrick 46, 138 

Keef, Patsy 130 

Keller, Hayley 54, 114, 138 

Kelly, Jeff 59, 69, 130 

Kendall, Miles 91 

Khalil, Mustafa 16 

Kibler, Madge 77, 130 

Kilburn, Joanna 43, 51, 138, 145, 146 

Kipchillat, Ken 72 

Kirby, Laura 104 

Kisgen, Meredith 9 

Kiss, Beth 122 

Kittell, Carla 23 

Kline, David 46, 138 

Kokesh, Carol 130 
Koonz, Justin 57, 138 
Kostulakos, Jon 99 
Kratz, Jim 51 
Kreiger, Jake 46, 138 
Kreiger, Joey 46, 138 
Kreiner, Professor Ray 36, 37 
Kreiner, Raymond 130 

LaFontaine, Michelle 115 

LaFontaine, RAs Michelle 44 

Lamb, Lee 93 

Land, Aaron 66, 74, 86 

Lane, Jeremy 114 

Lane, Sara 91 

Lane, Sarah 62, 138 

Laseter, Lynn 18 

Laseter, Lynne 18, 138 

Lawn, Ash 38 

Lawrence, Bradley 58 

Leaders, Future Business 27 

Lee, TaShara 138 

LeMaster, Jake 29 

Leonardo, Joey 28 

Leonardo, Joseph 29 

Leone, Chris 46, 114, 138 

Little, Carmen 105, 116, 138 

Lively, Tinie 58 

Lloyd, Barnette 66 

Logan, Abigail 31 

Lovelady, Casey 44, 45, 49, 138 

Lovell, Alan 17, 39 

Lovell, Allan 38 

Lovell, Kim 84 

Lovell, Tinie Lively Kim 130 

Lowry, Renee 65, 138, 151 

LR, Above 15, 16, 23, 50 

LR, ABove 35 

LR, ABOVE 70, 76, 77, 85, 93, 115 

LR, Below 24 

LR, Revolution 61 

LR, Right 28 

Lucado, Charles 100, 130 

Lummus, Tabitha 50 

Lytle, Tim 16, 102 

Lytle, Timothy 7, 130 


MacNeil, James 130 

Madden, Michael 139 

Madden, Mike 46 

Mager, Rhonda 30 

Magrath, Lenny 66, 67 

Magrath, Meg 66, 67 

Mapp, Kristine 139 

Martin, Campus Police Chief Dick 51 

Martin, Casey 103, 105 

Martin, Coach Terry 10, 11 

Martin, Jason 65, 79 

Martin, Natasha 8, 9, 86, 103, 105, 


Martin, Will 88, 139 

Martinez, Amanda 59 

Mass, Requiem 14 

Mathews, Eric 64, 86, 87, 139 

Matthews, Eric 9 

Matthews, Mike 21 

Maxey, Emily 11 

Maxey, Joe 36, 37 

Maynard, Mark 57, 115 

Mayweather, Brandon 88, 89, 139 

McAllister, Erin 54 

McCay, Tray 38 

McCay, Trey 69, 146 

McClenahan, Melinda 130 

McClure, Greg 36, 37 

McCollum, Patricia 130 

McCoy, Chuck 88 

McCoy, Erin McAllister Chuck 139 

McFerrin, A. Jane 127 

McFerrin, Jane 64, 98 

McGuigan, James 17 

Mcguigan, Jimmy 115 

McKenzie, Kenneth 114 

Meier, Paul 15, 92 

Mellichamp, James 130 

Mendez, Ruben 51, 70, 104, 141 

Michel, Karl 104 

Michel, Professor Karl 50 

Middle, Ashley Dunson 11 

Middle, Chris Leone 46 

Middle, Heather Thomas 93 

Middle, Professor Garen Simmons 17 

Miller, Cathy 130 

Miller, Craig 47 

Miller, Danielle 8, 9, 16, 51, 61, 66, 

67, 86, 87, 103, 139, 145 

Miller, Glenn 26 

Miller, Jeremy 114 

Miller, Josh 21 

Miller, Professor Patricia 80, 82, 83 

Miller, Sarah 92 

Miller, Sarah Jean 14 

Miller, Wes 88, 139 

Miller, Zach 20, 21 

Mills, Susan 130 

Min, Daniel 6 

Miner, Coach Jason 11 

Mitchell, Paul 46 

Mitchem, Josh 139 

Monk, Andy 58 

Montford, Ernest 25, 70 

Montgomery, Martin 130 

Montgomery, Whitney 130 

158 • Index 

Montilla, Tomas 139 

Montoya, Diego 16 

Moore, Don 8, 9, 16, 56, 64, 139 

Morris, Marlene 144 

Morrison, Kala 91, 139 

Moss, Gwen 36, 37 

Moss', Janice 70, 130, 150, 152 

Mote, Carolyn 107 

Moye, Joanna 54, 139 

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus 14 

Mulchi, Regina 42 

Mullinax, Laurel 76 

Murphy, Jenna 139, 149, 152 


Naylor, Amy 139 

Nelms, Keith 133 

Nelson, Dillon 9, 16, 74, 86, 87, 103 

Nenes, George 120 

Nguyen, Thanh 121 

Nix, Rob 36, 37, 46, 141 

Nix, Wendy 141 

Nonnemaker, Brandon 14, 92 

Nylander, Elizabeth 78, 114 


O'Brien, Head Coach Katie 63 
O'Brien, Katie 133 
O'Connor, Sean 85, 114, 143 
Oates, Justin 
Office, Business 59 
OlveraRubio, Saul 14, 93 
Omega, Alpha Psi 16, 64 
Osborne, Jennifer 49, 112, 141, 144 
Ostojic, Maja 62, 85, 141 
Ostrzycki, B.J. 62, 105, 112 
Ostrzycki, BJ 114, 141 
Others, Helping 150 

Padgett, Cale 115 
Palace, Pitti 34 

Palmer, Jerald 58 

Palmer, Mel 127 

Palmour, Julie 61, 132 

Palmour, Virginia 35 

Parham, Joy 43, 73, 141 

Parker, Wes 141 

Parker, Wesley 60 

Pasquarelli, Joe 65, 141 

Patterson, Sheila 23 

Pattison, Jessica 68, 97, 151, 152 

Patton, Aaron 88, 141 

Patton, Jim 61 

Pease, Gene 132 

Perillo, Adam 24, 35, 64, 107, 141, 


Perry, Kathy 59, 132 

Peterson, Cindy 71, 132 

Peterson, Janet 93, 141 

Pettiford, Siesta 123 

Pfeiffer, Mindy 65 

Pfiffer, Mindy 147 

Phillips, Greg 88, 141 

Phillips, Professor Lori 50 

Pierce, Jerisa 23, 79, 103, 143 

Pilgrim, Jennifer 27, 71, 75, 141, 144, 


Piper, William 26, 28, 29, 36, 37 

Pipes, William 132 

Pitcher, GSAC 11 

Pitts, Linda 59, 84 

Pleysier, Al 17 

Poland, Amanda 141 

Poland, Fletcher 36, 37, 88, 115, 141 

Poole, Evan 6, 7, 15 

Poole, Justin 141 

Porter, Doc 66, 67 

Porter, Erin 49, 141 

Porter, Katie 44, 48, 49, 141 

Porter, Shelly 64, 143 

Posey, Kyle 88, 141 

Powell, Amanda 11 

Powell, Jessica 25, 49, 141 

Pradilla, Jorge 44, 46, 141 

Pratt, Jillian 54, 105, 141 

Pratt, Kris 93 

Pratt, Kristen 54 

Pratt, Kristin 55, 141 

President, National Vice 27 

President, Vice 17, 84, 127 

Prevatte, Bryan 25, 46, 141 

Professor, Assistant 15, 121, 122 

Profile, Player 46, 49, 54, 62 

Programs, Annual 50 

Projects, Service 149, 150, 151, 152 

Puckett, A.J. 64, 107 

Puckett, AJ 6, 24, 141 

Puckett, Lara 43 

Pulliam, Jan 132 

Pyle, Ben 46, 141 

Qoshlli, Leo 16 
Queen, Cami 59 


Rainey, Kenny 60, 76 

Rainwater, Stephanie 91, 141 

Rajput, Saad 26 

Ramsaur, Richard 61 

Ramsey, Megan 141 

Ratigan, Patrick 46, 141 

Ray, Meredith 11, 26, 145 

Reames, Justin 78, 115 

Reck, Lacy 68 

Reese, Seth 6, 43 

Reid, Tierney 141 

Reynolds, David 8, 9 

Richardson, Autumn 44, 45, 48, 49, 


Richardson, Jennifer 141 

Rine, Amy 99 

Rittenour, Ashley 93 

Ritter, Alan 14, 55, 61, 62, 85, 141 

Rittweg, Rob 141 

Rivers, Garth 114 

Roach, Lisa 68, 97, 141, 151 

Rodgers, Sally 122 

Rodriguez, Dorcus 6 

Rodriguez, Joel 6 

Rogers, Assistant Coach Dusty 18 

Rogers, Betty 132 

Rogers, Dusty 21 

Rogers, Elizabeth 101 

Rojas, Lorena 22, 132 

Rollins, Cristin 132 

Roman, Times 47, 91 

Rose, Rick 16, 86, 103, 132 

Rottweger, Rob 26, 28 

Rowland, Brad 56 

Rubio, Michael 88, 89, 141 

Index • 159 

Runner, Valuable 54 

Russel, Chris 105 

Russell, Chris 28 

Rutledge, Ashley 18, 68, 104, 149, 


Rutledge, Golfer Ashley 19 

Rutledge, Julie 120 

Ryan, Lindsey 104 

Sanders, Jared 101 

Sandi, George 46, 47, 112, 141 

Sarrett, Sara 142 

Savage, Mike 132 

Sawhill, Katie 43, 66, 67, 86, 147 

Scali, Justin 69 

Schaeuble, Kuno 46, 47, 142 

Schulz, Chris 9 

Schuman, Jessica 70 

Scott, Linda 83, 127, 132 

Scott, Tiffany 56, 104, 149, 152 

Scruggs, Rebecca 23, 142 

Scruggs, Rebekah 75 

Seabrook, Josh 46, 142 

Seale, Ashley 98 

Searcy, Walker 25 

Secor, Billy 

Secules, Teresa 132 

Shaffer, Jenn 143 

Shaw, Ashley 60, 115 

Shelton, Tabitha 121 

Sherrer, Patricia 121 

Shiflett, Erin 80, 81, 82 

Show, Art 50 

Sidey, Ben 70 

Sigartau, Valentin 16 

Simler, Sarah 59, 65, 96, 97, 142, 

150, 151 

Simmons, Garen 38, 39, 60 

Simmons, Professor Garen 17 

Simon, Stacy 132 

Simonovich, Mike 36, 37 

Singer, Nancy 50 

Singer, Ralph 77 

Singer, Ralph Buzz 17 

Sledge, Jessica 97, 142, 149, 151 

Smalling, Stephen 46, 47, 142 


Brian 23 


Brooke 10, 11 


Bryan 26 


Debra 23 


Jason 46 


Katie 36, 37 


Stephanie 147 


Susan 132 


Tailor 72 


Taylor 36, 37 

160 « 

• Index 

Smith, Wally 14, 54, 77, 93, 148 

Snider, Jessica 9 

Social, Ice Cream 57 

Sosebee, Nikki 90, 91, 142 

Southeast, Colonial 38 

Sparger, Jill 63, 142 

Speed, Donna 42 

Sprayberry, Ron 58 

Spurlock, Daniel 114 

Stankic, Boris 16 

Stegner, Benji 93 

SteinhausJordan, Barbara 15, 132 

Stephens, Coach 49 

Stephens, Head Coach Jimmy 46, 49 

Stephens, Monica 59, 71, 84, 132 

Still, Danny 58 

Stille, Jeremy 25, 46, 142 

Story, Luke 70, 104, 105, 117, 149 

Suda, Tim 79, 104, 142, 149, 152 

Takikawa, Kimi 22, 142 

Tallent, Amanda 142 

Talton, Pete 61, 66, 67, 75, 86 

Tanner, Wes 38, 39 

Tatum, Sandi 22, 24, 56, 64, 85, 142 

Taylor, Debra 132 

Taylor, Director Debra 25 

Taylor, Ed 27 

Taylor, Edward 132 

Taylor, Ginger 77 

Taylor, Kristen 14 

Taylor, Sharron 77 

Teal, Sarah 80, 81, 82, 83 

Telford, Jamie 6, 17, 142 

Thomae, Nicole 42 

Thomas, Heather 8, 9, 16, 93, 142 

Thomas, Lisa 58 

Threlkeld, Beth 100 

Thurmond, Kyle 14, 56, 57, 64 

Torre, Leah Delia 11, 54, 60, 136, 146 

Trimiar, Sheena 56, 90, 91, 142 

Trupina, Srecko 46, 142 

Tucker, Katie 62, 142 

Turner, Robert 93 


Ugi, Joy 42, 44, 45, 86, 87, 104, 116, 


Unde, Chris 122 

Usher, Asia 75 


Valinzuela, Loni 25, 78, 142 
Varner, Lara 142 
Vaughn, Heather 44, 45, 78, 142 
Vaughn, Toni 120 

Viers, Rachael 24 
Viers, Rachel 24, 142 
Vohlken, John 17, 28 
Volken, John 17 
Vorherr, Justin 57 


Wainberg, Rob 102 

Wanzie, Jessica 30 

Watkins, Kris 115 

Watkins, Stephanie 60 

Watson, Christian 24, 64, 142 

Watson, Jonathan 24, 142 

Weaver, Lisa 73 

Webber, Shannon 86, 142 

Weinstein, Assistant Coach Mitch 54 

Weinstein, Coach Ena 55 

Weinstein, Head Coach Ena 55 

Wetherbee, Professor Michelle 28, 29 

Wheeler, Allen 15, 93 

White, Max 38, 39 

Whitecotton, Mary Beth 64, 112 

Whitecotton, MaryBeth 34, 35 

Whited, Stephen 6 

Whitfield, Larry 61 

Whitlock, Lacey 43, 56, 142 

Whitlock, Tyler 64, 142 

Wicker, Heather 17, 38, 39 

Widmer, Erin 142 

Williams, Kalian 77 

Williams, Mary Beth 23, 45, 65, 69, 

70, 85, 104, 112, 114, 116, 117, 143, 

149, 150 

Williams, Pamela 58 

Willsea, Cynthia Vance Antoinette 132 

Wimpey, Kathleen 132 

Witchousky, Andrew 28 

Witchousky, Drew 20, 21 

Witchowsky, Andrew 29 

Witlock, Tyler 88, 89 

Wofford, Linda 42, 84, 132 

Wolfe, Edward 122, 132 

Wompey, Kathy 58 

Wood, Trey 36, 37 

Wood, Whitney 96, 97, 149, 151, 152 

Woodward, Emily 91, 143 

Wright, Cody 104 

Wyman-Blackburn, Jamey 93 

WymanBlackburn, Jamey 74, 93 


Young, Professor Leroy 50 

Ziemann, Patricia 132 
Zitka, Andrew 107,114,143 



Unless otherwise credited, all photos were supplied!)) MCTDirect 0307KH© PRINTEDIN i SA 

••■ - .-•:«#»* 

1. President George W. Bush announced in January 2007 that he would send an additional 21,500 troops to Iraq to improve security and 
assist with U.S. efforts there. Bush vowed that the Americans killed would not have died in vain. The 2008 budget projection for fighting 
in Iraq and Afganistan and repairing and replacing equipment lost in combat was an estimated $141.7 billion. American death tolls in Iraq 
eclipsed 3. ISO and the official total for Americans wounded surpassed 23,500. 

>. Aiim 1 1, in police confirmed the identity of 
vium ha Kampusch. believed to haw been held 
:apti\e since her abduction as a 10-year-old. 

3. Through the prime cruise seasi in, there were breakouts of 
the highly contagious norovirus on ships sailing the world's seas 
Hundreds fell victim to the vims' flu-like symptoms. 

:. & ingress extended Daylight 5. Texan Andrea Yates was 

avings Time for the sake of 
nerg) efficiency. Clocks were 
hanged March 11 rather than 
lie first Sunday in April. 

found not guilt)' by reason of 
insanity of murdering her five 
children by drowning them in 
a bathtub five years ago. 

6. A newborn male white buffalo in a Wisconsin 
herd attracted the attention of Native Americans 
who consider the animal sacred for its potential 
to bring good fortune and peace. This is the 
third white buffalo born into the herd. 

In January 200". Northern Europe was hit by an unusually strong storm which killed an Englishman when a falling 
ranch crushed his car. Heavy rains and gale-force winds caused delays in air and sea (ravel. 8. Former State Department 
fficial Richard Armitage admitted that he inadvertently revealed CIA employee Valerie Plame's identity to reporters. 

CBS correspondent Kimberly Dozier was the only member of her crew who survived a June car bombing in Baghdad. 
0. Students fi mnd a \\ ay to receive messages in class by downloading a ringtone with a pitch so high teachers couldn't 
ear it. 11. As much as 75 percent of California's citrus crop was damaged in a January 200" cold snap that lasted more 
tan a week. 12. Gerald Ford, the 38th president, died on Dec. 26. 2006, and was buried in Grand Rapids, MI. 

3. On Sept. 6. 2006, British Prime Minister Tony Blair announced that the 2006 Labour Party conference would be his lasl 

4. Apple C( imputer s new $-*99 iPhone was a mapr release at Macworld 200" 15. The death of former Chilean dictator 
iigiNi > Pinochet prompted demonstrations of celebration. 16. The family of Milena Del Valle filed a wrongful death 
wsuit after she was crushed by 12 tons of concrete in a "Big Dig" accident at the Boston highway construction project. 

China successfully used a missile carrying a "kill 
vehicle" to blast an old Chinese weather satellite 
from its orbit 537 miles above Earth. U.S. government 
officials said that the test could undermine relations 
with the West and pose a threat to satellites 
important to the U.S. military. 

A team of French doctors removed a cyst from a 
man's arm in a 10-minute mid-air surgery used as 
a feasibility study for possible surgery in space. 
The five-doctor team operated in near zero-gravity 
conditions produced by an Airbus 300 looping to 
create interval dives simulating weightlessness. 

A Kansas teenager racked up perfect scores on the 
ACT and SAT. Jakub Voboril of Wichita got a 36 on 
the ACT on his third try. He received his SAT results 
shortly after the perfect ACT score: a perfect score 
of 2400. He did check out test prep books, but his 
advice: "Pay attention in class." 

The baiji, a rare, nearly blind white river dolphin, is 
effectively extinct. Researchers say pollution and 
overfishing in the Yangtze River caused the species' 
demise. Plus, ship traffic there confused the sonar 
the baiji used to find food. 

Americans won the Nobel prizes for physics (John 
Mather of NASA Goddard Flight Center and George 
Smoot from UC Berkeley with their satellite program 
that backed up the Big Bang theory), chemistry 
(Roger D. Kornburg from Stanford School of Medicine 
who studied how cells take information from genes 
to produce proteins), medicine (Andrew Z. Fire from 
MIT and Craig C. Mello from Harvard who discovered 
a way to turn off specific genes) and economics 
(Edmund S. Phelps from Columbia University for 
examining the trade-offs between inflation and its 
effects on unemployment). 

Houston truck driver Tyrone Williams was spared 
the death penalty and sentenced to life in prison for 
his role in the nation's deadliest smuggling attempt 
- a journey that ended in the deaths of 19 illegal 
immigrants crammed into a sweltering tractor-trailer, 
after Williams abandoned them and the rig. 



1. The American Border Patrol monitors a 4.5-mile metal fence separating the two cities named Nogales. About 20,000 people live on the 
Arizona side | left); 200,000 on the Mexican side. Immigration remained an emotional issue. In addition to legislation strengthening border 
security, the Senate proposed programs where long-time illegal immigrants could apply for guest worker permits or "earn" their 
itizenship Conservatives opposed the legalization plans, saying they amounted to "amnesty." 

' "«. 41 IUi'.' 




1 1 1 









17. President Bush signed legislation in October 
M H In irizing tough intern igati in i ii terror suspects and 
trials before military commissions While Hush claimed 
thai he knew the bill would save lives, (lie At LI i ailed « 
'one of theworsi civil liberties measures ever enacted." 

18. \ii J magnitude earthquake struck 
Indi mesia ( in May 1". 2006, killing more 
than 5,800 and injuring 36,299. Thousands 
ofaftershi icks ii )Ui iwedand hundreds of 
thousands were left homeless m < entraljava. 

19. November releases of Playstation 3 and 

W'ii were immediate sell-outs. Sony's -11111,1 mil 
Playstation 3s cost {600, but Nintendo priced 
the Wii at $250 including one game and 
expected to sell 4 million units by year's end. 

2. Congressman Bob Nev. R - OH, pleaded gi 
to federal criminal corruption charges and 
announced he would not seek re-electii in. 

7.Januarv was warmer than usual in man) pad 
of the country. Punxsutawney Phil predicted ar ■ 
early spring on Groundhog Day. but hitter 1 1 >ld 
days of ice and as much as 10 feet of snow (in . 
parts of upstate New York) typified Februan 


13. Animal rights activists were up in arms w 
more than 50,000 dogs were slaughtered in 
China in a government-ordered crackdown a 
three people died of rabies. Only militarj doj 
and police canine units were spared 

20. Scientists documented more than 1,000 
bit 'Ii igical species unique to the Eastern Arc 
Mountains of Tanzania and Kenya. The area. 
which is slightly smaller than the state of Rho 
Island, is mainly forested. 

NewsCom l»K\l-:\\s\viN 

1 3. For these youngsters in St. Louis, fire hydrants 
were the only source of relief from July's heat 
after storms knocked out electrical power. 

4. Citing climate change as a cause, scientists studied agiani ice 
shelf- the size of Manhattan -which broke away from an island 
south of the North Pole and was adrift as an independent island 

5. Findings from the surgeon 
general de< lared secondhand any level a hazard 

6. Fighting in Lebaiu in lessened after the IN Set uru\ 
Council passe I Res ilutii in 1701, butl k zbollah leaders 
insisted the) would not drop their wea 

8. Billionaire Warren Buffett 
announced that he would be 
donating the bulk of his wealth 
to charity, mainly the Bill and 
Melim la Gates Foundation. 

9. Health issues caused Cuban 
leader Fidel Castro, 80, to 
relinquish power to his brother. 
Raul, in July, Officials would not 
disclose his condition. 

10. In August, a Lexington. Kentucky, crash 
killed 49 of 50 people aboard the Comair flight 
bound for Atlanta when the plane was assigned 
to a runway too short for safe take-off. New poli- 
cies for air traffic controllers resulted. 

14. Warren Steed Jeffs, a polygamist sect leader on the FBI's Most Wanted List, was arrested near Las Vegas in August. He 
was wanted for arranging marriages between underage girls and older men. 15. Timers hidden in pencils were 
discovered at several of the seven sites where bombs exploded on commuter trains in India's financial capital, killing 185. 

16. Gas prices repeatedly hit record highs in July and August, averaging more than $3 for a gallon of self-serve regular 
when a technical fault and pipeline corrosion in BP's Prudhoe Bay oilfield in Alaska cut production, 

21. Polar bears are considered a "threatened" species as scientists predict that global warming may eliminate their 
habitat entirely by 2040. The report said there is little doubt that global warming has been caused by human activities 

22. A woman who disappeared in the jungles of Cambodia as a child was found 19 years later. The 27-year-old, w hi 1 d< les 
not speak, was identified by a scar on her arm. She disappeared in 1988 while herding buffalo. 

11. Enron founder Kenneth 
Lay (who died in 2006) and 
former CEO Jeffrey Skilling 
were found guilty of fraud and 
conspiracy in Houston in lulv. 

12. A frilled shark was captured on v idei itape south 
ofTokyo. These sharks are rarely seen because they 
live m water between 1,968 and 3,281 1 feet deep 
- which is deeper than humans can go. The shark 
died shortlv after its appearance 

Blast injuries killed Al-Qaeda leader Abu Musab 
al-Zarqawi in June when bombs were dropped on 
the Iraqi safehouse where he was meeting 
with associates. 

In October, searchers found bones believed to 
have been overlooked in searches following the 
2001 World Trade Center attacks. Search officials 
identified dozens of areas to be reexamined; the 
active search to identify the dead ended in 2002. 
More than 40 percent of the 2,749 victims have never 
been identified with DNA matches. 

The Dow Jones industrial average closed above 12,000 
for the first time ever on Oct. 19, 2006, and remained 
above that lofty benchmark through year's end. 

Concentration camp and incarceration records would 
be the first Nazi documents released under a plan to 
make millions of files stored in Germany accessible 
to Holocaust researchers. Holocaust survivors have 
waited decades to see records meticulously kept 
by the Nazis; transport documents and death lists, 
and notes on concentration camp inmates ranging 
from their hereditary diseases to the number of lice 
plucked from their heads are included. 

At 14, Michael Perham, from Potters Bar in 
Hertfordshire, England, became the youngest person 
to sail solo across the Atlantic Ocean. He arrived in 
Antigua in January, seven weeks after setting off 
on the 3,500-mile journey from Gibraltar aboard the 
28-foot boat, Cheeky Monkey. 

Three climbers stranded after a fall on Oregon's Mt. 
Hood were rescued in February after spending the 
night amid ferocious winds and blowing snow. The 
two women and a man slipped off a ledge and fell 
about 100 feet in the process of descending from 
a winter climb and camping expedition interrupted 
by bad weather. In December, three members of a 
climbing party perished on the 11,239-foot mountain 
when the group became separated. After 10 days, 
searchers recovered one of the bodies in a snow 
cave and called off their work as another winter 
storm approached the area. The other climbers were 
presumed dead. 

1 - 



1. Women made history in Kuwait's June Parliamentary elections as it was the first time females were allowed to run ft 

office and the first time Kuwaiti women were allowed to vote. 2. The outbreak of illness linked to E. coli in spinach in 
September hospitalized 60 and caused a ban on bagged California spinach. Before year's end. another E. coli outbreak 
this i me traced to lettuce and green onions served by the fast food chain Taco Bell and others, sickened more than U 
who had patronized East Coast restaurants 

3. King Taufa'ahau Tupi iu IV, w h< i reigned over Tonga's TO islands in the South Pacific for -t 1 \ ears, was buried in 
September. 4. Microsoft's Windows Vista, the operating system that replaced Windows XP, was released too late for 
the holiday sales season after five years in development. 5. Japan's long-running debate over whether women should be 
all( met) to succeed to the thn >ne ended in September when Princess Kiko gave birth to a son, Hisahito. The new prince 
is third in line for the throne behind his uncle and his father. 6. Airline passengers laced new travel restrictions after 
British authorities uncovered a terrorist plot to use liquid explosives to blow up airplanes headed to the United States. 

7. After firing a number of test missiles during summer months. North Korea agreed to a deal to begin closing down itsj 
nuc lear arms program in exc hange for $300 million in fuel and financial aid. 8. Celebrations broke out in Baghdad whe 
former dictator Saddam Hussein was executed by hanging in December. 

10. Former Soviet spy Alexander Lin inenki i died in November after exposure to a radioactive poison. 11. Sony myk I 
(my life online) was created t< > attract younger users with Web browsing, messaging, phone and digital music capabilities.! 

12. Entrepreneur Anousheh Ansari paid a reported $20 million to become the fourth private spaceflight participant. 13. 
More than 9.8 million acres burned during the 2006 fire season, the worst in 51 > years. 14. With the pi ipulath in < if wild 
panda bears below 1,600, the Chinese began breeding in captivity; 30 cubs were born in 2006. 15. Breaking the record 
f< ii- Americ an cars si ild at auction, a 196b Shelby Cobra sold f< >r J55 million. 16. The FDA approved a vaccine for < en ii I 
cancer in June and Merck and Co. began distribution. 17. The Libyan Supreme Court overturned death sentences i il fajjg 
nurses and a doctor accused of intentionally infecting more than -tOO children with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. 



9. In the nation's third deadly school shooting in less than a week, a milk-truck driver killed five female students before he shot himself. The Oct. 2 
incident sent Shockwaves through Nickel Mines. PA, a Lancaster County town where the one-room Amish schoolhouse was located. The gunman, w hi I 
left notes for his family before heading to the school, was not Amish but was apparently acting out of revenge for something that happened when he was 
boy. In other instances of school violence, deaths occurred in Bailey, CO; Montreal, QB; Sudbury, MA and Tacoma, W'A. 

14.1 ii the first time in 12 wars. Democrats 
ntrol of both the House and the Si 
iting in [in ii ratsi ailed theelei tion aloud 

message from the American people. 

15. Joe Barbera, of the famed fianna-Barbera 
animation team which created Yogi Bear the 
Flintstones, thejetsons, Scooby-Doo and Tom 
and Jerry, died in Dei ember ai age 95. 

16. Montreal blogger Kyle MacDonald, 
26, proved the pi wer i if the Interne! 
win n he bartered his way from a red 
j aper ( lip toa home in Saskatchewan. 

17. The disastrous cycle of drought and flooding caused 
death and damage worldwide Mi ire than son died in the 
aftermath ofTropical Storm Bilis in China. Japan and the 
Koreas in July, and Hoods killed 1,000 in Africa in \ugust 

2. When Katherinejefferts Schi >ri was elated 3. Ben Ownby and Shawn Hombeck were found in the St h iuis-area 

(residing bishi >p of tlie Episeopalian Church, she apartment ofa man who allegedly abducted them; lien was held just 
became the first woman to lead a province. four days, but Shawn had been captive nearl) fouryears 

4. Marines guard the U.S. Embassy in 
Damascus. Syria, after a September attai k In 
armed Islamic militanis 

5. led h 

a bill to increase min:: 
ler hour over three yi 


10 The U.S. Census Bureau: 

Chronicling the Growth of the Nation 


6. In August, a group of 
nternational astronomers 
tripped Piuto of its planetary 
status, downsizing the solar 
Hem toeighi planets 

7. Though John Mark ( air 
confessed to killing JonBenet 
Ramsey, Boulder County (CO) 
district attorneys said DNA 
evidence showed otherwise 

8. Ford Mi itoi Co announced plans to close 
la plants and cut more than 25,000 jobs 1 20-25 
percent of its North American wi irk force) by 
2012. The second-largest r.s automaker is 
restructuring to reverse a s 1 6 billk in l< iss last year, 

9. Teenager Zachariah Blanton 10. At 7:46 a.m. on Oci 1 2006,theU.S 

admitted ti i a series i il highway 
shootings in Indiana w huh 
killed one person, wounded 
.mi ither and damaged vehicles. 

population official!] passed 300 million. The 
formula used in tracking populatii in ( i msidered 
births, i leaths ami immigrate in ( )nh the i < luntries 
of China and India are more pi ipul 

11. Arc hei ill igists fi lund a \ illage i il small houses that may have sheltered those who built Stonehenge or housed people 
mending festivals there. 12. Florida Representative Mark Foley resigned after it was revealed that he communicated 
appropriately with one or more former White House pages 

13. Plans were unveiled for the re\ ised Freedom Tower at Ground Zero, which will be America's tallest building. The 
ii ibol i it New Yi irk s re\ italization after the Sept 11. 2001. attacks, is scheduled for completion by 201 

IS. \n earthquake measuring n the Richter scale hit Hawaii in mid-October, causing a landslide that blocked a 

major highway A state-wide disaster declaration was posted, but no fatalities were reported, A number of aftershocks. 
Biding one with a magnitude ol 5.8, followed, 19. Leading Internet search engine Google acquired YouTube for si 65 
lillion in an ( )> tober all-stock deal, YouTube founders Chad Hurlej and Steve Chen each received shares of Google stoek 
nth approximatel) (326 million, while an arra) of other employees and YouTube's venture capital backers shared the 
emainder. In other technology news, MvSpace began distributing Vmber alerts, which announce local child abductions. 


Go ogle 


•My Name is Earl 

• The Office 

• American Idol 
* Dancing with the Stars 

• My Boys 

• Studio 60 

* 30 Rock 

• Prison Break 

• The Class 

• Two and a Half Men 

* Medium 

• The Closer 

• The Amazing Race 

• The New Adventures 

of Old Christine 


• Mission Impossible III 

• Ice Age: The Meltdown 

• Talledega Nights 

• You, Me & Dupree 

• Gridiron Gang 

• The Devil Wears Prada 

• Open Season 

* Grudge II 

• Man of the Year 

• Borat 

• Happy Feet 

• Casino Royale 

• Click 

• The Pursuit of 

• Charlotte's Web 

• Babel 

1. ABC's "Ugly Betty" won the 
Gi Jden Globe for best comedy 
and star America Ferrera was 
named best comedy actress. 

2. NBC's new epic drama "Heroes" chronicles the lives of 
ordinary people who learn they have extraordinary powers. The 
show's premiere attracted K3 million viewers and received the 
highest rating for any NBC drama premiere in five years. 

3. "Grey's Anatomy" was in the spotlight as the 
winner of the Golden Globe for best drama, buij 
also because of internal issues regarding Isaiah 
Washington's less-than-sensitive remarks. 

4. Hugh Laurie, title character 
in "House" (originally "House 
M.D ." ) won his second Golden 
Globe award in three seasons 
of the medical drama. 

5- Mary J. Blige won Grammy 
Awards for Best R&B album, 
Besi R&B Song and Best R&B 

Female Vocal Performance for 
"Be Without You." 

6. Former "American Idol" 
champion Carrie Underwood 
won Grammy Awards for Best 
New Artist and Best Female 
Country Vocal Performance. 

7. "X-Men: The Last Stand" broke the Mei 
Day box office record, bringing in $234,361 1,104 
in ticket sales. The thriller, which starred Hugh 
Jackman. Patrick Stewart. Halle Berry and Ian 
McKellen, opened on May 26. 2006. 

9. Jennifer Hudson won both the Oscar and a Golden Globe as best supporting actress in a motion picture as Effie White in the musical film "Dreamgir 
In March, the former "American Idol" competitor became the first African-American singer to be featured on the cover of Vogue. 10. The Dixie Chicks 
collected fiveGrammj Awards, including Song of the Year, Record of the Year and Album of the Year. 11. The award-winning serial drama "Lost enten 
its third season following the lives of a group of plane crash survivors on a mysterious tropical island. Filmed on Oahu with an ensemble cast, the shi « 
one of television's most expensive to produce. 12. In October, Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe announced their plans to divorce after seven yea 
ni.ii i iage They had two children: Ava, 7, and Deacon. 3 

13. Emmy-winning actor, Peter Boyle, best known as the cranky father on "Everybody Loves Raymond," died in December at age "1. 14. Brandon Routl 
donned the tights for the filming of "Superman Returns," which opened in June 2006. 15. Actress/rapper Queen Latifah earned her star on the famous 
Hollywood Walk of Fame injanuarj 2007, Hers was the 2,2<-)Nth star to be featured. 16. "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin met an untimely death in Septer 
when a stingrav barb fatally pierced bis heart His S-\ ear-old (laughter, Bindi Sue, planned to follow in his footsteps with her own animal show on TV. 

8. Produced by Disney and Pixar Animation Studios, "Cars," followed in the tracks of other John Lasseter successes and. like "Toy Story" 
and "A Bug's Life." featured many familiar voices. In addition to Owen Wilson, Cheech Marin, George Carlin and Larry the Cable Guy, a 
host i if racecar drivers like Richard Petty, Mario Andretti and Dale Earnhardt. Jr. brought the "characters" to life. Notable cameos included 
sports broadcaster Bob Costas as Bob Cutlass, Jay Leno as Jay Iimo and the hosts of NPR's weekly "Car Talk" as Rusty and Dusty Rust-Eze 

♦ ♦♦• 


2. San Antonio Spurs point guard Tom Parte 
and actress Eva Longoria plan to wed in Fran< 
in the summer of 21 Hf 

5. The CBS Evening News got a new look when 
Dan Rather retired after H years with the 
network. In September, Katie Couric, who left 
NBC's "Today " show in May, became the first solo 
female anchor of a major evening news show'. 

9. The once-hot teenage soap. "The O.C.," 
was cancelled as of Feb. 22, 20CP. Creator Josh 
S< hwartz said, "The finale will bring real closure 
to the Story we began telling four years ago." 

12. Kelly Clarkson. winner of "American Idol" 
2DII2. announced her partnership with NAS( AH 

13. Singer/songwriter/guitarist John Mayer 
released his third studio album. "Continuum," ir 
September 14. Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie'' set tht 
record fir most downloads sold in a single week 







3. Fox's "24" and Kiefer Sutherland won 2006 
F.mmv.s tor Outstanding Drama Series and Best 
Actor in a Drama Series. 

4. |ohnn\ Depp returned to the big screen as Captain I. u k 
Sparrow in "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest." which 
opened on Jul) 7, 2006, with the top single-da) gross ever, 

6. Rachael Ray, Food Network 

show host, bestsellmg cook- 
book author and editor in chief 
of her own magazine, added 
talk show host to her resume. 

7. Ben Stiller grew up just a few 
blocks away from Manhattan's 
Museum of Natural History, 
the setting of his 2006 movie 
"Night at the Museum." 

8. Kenny Chesney, 200" People's Choice Male 
Vocalist of the Year and 2006 CMA Entertainer of 
the Year, sold 1.3 million tickets in 2006 making 
his "The Road & The Radio" the most attended 
tour of any genre in North America last vear. 

10. President of Defjam Records and rapper Jay-Z took on several new roles this year. In addition to "Kingdom Come," 
an album he describes as "mature and reflective." he made a documentary about the global water shortage. The U.N. 
hailed his efforts as humanitarian. 11. James Brown, the "Godfather of Soul." died of pneumonia on Christmas Dav at "3. 

15. \\ hile wedding bell rumors persisted for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Pitt told Esquire magazine that the couple had 
no plans to marry until "everyone else in the country who wants to be married is legally able." 16. Ed Bradley, veteran 
CBS newsman who broke racial barriers at the network, died in November of leukemia. 17. Taylor Hicks, a 29-year-old 
from Birmingham, Alabama, was named the fifth "American Idol." Hicks' fans, the "Soul Patrol," found his raw singing 
st\ le. his . r.i/\ dance moves and his unlikely mop of grey hair irresistible. 18. "The Departed," a remake of the popular 
2002 Hong Kong crime thriller "Infernal Affairs," won four Oscars: Best Picture, Best Director ( Martin Scorsese's first 
after seven previt ius m miinations), Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Film Editing. 

MTV celebrated 25 years on the air in August, 
2006 and continued to expand coverage and affect 
programming with shows like "TRL," "Control Freak," 
"Road Rules," "My Sweet 16," "Real World" and 
"Underage and Engaged." 

A Sacramento radio station fired 10 employees when 
a listener died following an on-air water drinking 
contest. While 18 contestants were vying for a 
Nintendo Wii console, a nurse called in to warn about 
water intoxication and was ignored. 

Queen Elizabeth II bestowed honorary knighthood 
on U2's Bono, recognizing his humanitarian work, 
particularly his campaign against poverty in Africa. 

A New Jersey eighth grader took home top honors 
- and more than $42,000 in cash and prizes - as 
winner of the 2006 Scripps National Spelling Bee. 
Katharine Close, the first girl to win since 1999, 
spelled "urspache" to win the televised bee. 

Anna Nicole Smith's death was surrounded by 
questions and controversy from the start.The blonde 
39-year-old with a newborn, an ongoing estate battle 
and a tabloid lifestyle died in a Florida hotel on Feb. 8, 
2007. Within days, three men claimed paternity of her 
five-month-old heiress daughter. 

Weddings made news in the world of entertainment. 
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes tied the knot in Italy 
in November 2006. In June, the former Mrs. Cruise, 
Nicole Kidman, married country star Keith Urban 
in her native Australia. Avril Lavigne and Sum 41 
frontman Deryck Whibley had a summer wedding 
in California. 

Hollywood divorces were in the news too. Britney 
Spears and Kevin Federline (2 yrs.), Heather Locklear 
and Richie Sambora (11 yrs.), Whitney Houston 
and Bobby Brown (14 yrs.), Pamela Anderson and 
Kid Rock (3 months) and Heather Mills and Paul 
McCartney (4 yrs.) all called it quits. 

After 35 years as host of "The Price is Right" and 50 
years in TV, Bob Barker, 83, will retire in June 2007. 


the w~i!» DEHOKBLum SnlasrHsews 



1. Colts quarterback Peyti m Manning attempts a left-handed shovel pass in the first-ever rainy Super Bern I. Despite the inclement weather, which made 
it tough to control the ball. MVP Manning completed 25 of 38 passes for 247 yards and one touchdown in the Colts 29-1 7 victory over the Chicago Bears. 
Super Bowl XLI, played in Miami, was a game of firsts. It was the first Super Bowl featuring a pair of black coaches, the G )lts' Tony Dungy became the first 
black coach to win a Super Bowl and the victory was the first ever NFL championship for the city of Indianapolis. 

2. The Carolina Hurricanes, dismissed by many hockey fans and experts as the 2005-06 season started, won the Stanley 
Cup with a seventh game 3-1 victory over the Edmonti in Oilers The Hurricanes came back after losing Games 5 and 6. 
Rookie goaltender Cam Ward was named winner of the Conn Smythe Trophy as the post-season MVP. 

3. Kentucky Derby winner 
Barbaro was euthanized in 
January after months of health 
setbacks. The thoroughbred 
was injured in the Preakness. 

4. Tennis ace Roger Federer 
became the first man ever to 

win both Wimbledon and the 
U.S. Open back-to-back three 
vears in a row. 

5. Maryland players celebrate after winning the 
2006 NCAA women's basketball championships. 
The Terrapins beat Duke 78-75 in overtime to 
win the title. Sophomore Laura Harper, who 
scored 16 points, was the tournament MVP. 

6. San Francisco Giants star Barry Bonds broke Babe Ruth's record of "15 home runs in May. In pursuit of Hank Aaron's 
record of 7 55. he ended the 2006 season with 734 homers. 7. Italian team captain Fabio Cannavaro celebrates his team s 
5-3 OT win over France in the World Cup Soccer finals. 

8. Tiger Woods' winnings surpassed the $60 million mark and he won seven consecutive tournaments. 9- Joakim 
Noah and the Florida Gators won the NCAA basketball title and Noah was named the tournament's outstanding 
player. 10. Kevin Harvick celebrates after winning his first Daytona 500; he finished just .123 seconds ahead of Mark 
Martin, who led the NASCAR season opener for 26 laps. 

11. Third-seed Maria Sharapova won the U.S. Open, defeating No. 2 -seed Justine Henin-Hardenne 6-4, 6-4. 12. Nora 3) '& 
Andreas Wiig was the star of Winter X Games 11, winning gold medals in both Best Snowboard Trick and Snowboard 
Slopestyle. 13. Miami Heat coach Pat Riley and his team overcame a two-game series deficit to beat the Dallas Mavericks 
in six games of the best of seven series. 14. Lorena Ochoa was named the LPGAs Player of the Year. 

When Tiger Woods won his 11th major championship 
in July 2006 by capturing the British Open, it was 
his first victory since his father, Eari, succumbed 
to cancer in May. While speculators wondered 
whether he'd be able to focus after the death, Woods 
continued toward Jack Nicklaus' record 18 titles 
when he captured his 12th a month later with a five- 
shot victory at the 88th PGA Championships. 

The Tour de France victory went to an American 
rider for the eighth year straight as Californian Floyd 
Landis rebounded to win his fifth race of the year. 

The Saudi first baseman in the Little League World 
Series attracted lots of attention during the August 
tournament in South Williamsport, PA. Aaron Durley, 
13, stood 6 feet, 8-inches tall, weighed 256 pounds 
and wore size 19 shoes. 

On Sept. 25, 2006, the Louisiana Superdome re- 
opened for the first time since Hurricane Katrina. The 
sold-out stadium went wild as U2 and Green Day sang 
"The Saints Are Coming," and the home-team Saints 
beat the Atlanta Falcons 23-3. 

On Jan. 1, 2007, Texas Tech coach Bobby Knight 
became the winningest Division I college basketball 
coach when victory #880 put him ahead of former 
UNC great Dean Smith. 

Retirement changed the landscape of American sports; 
Cowboys coach Bill Parcells called it quits after two 
Super Bowl titles and 19 years as an NFL coach, and 
77-year-old Arnold Palmer played his last round of 
professional golf in October. Other retirements of 
note: Patriots QB Doug Flutie, 15 season Philadelphia 
Steelers coach Bill Cowher, Houston Astros slugger 
Jeff Bagwell and long-time Temple basketball coach 
and Hail of Famer John Chaney. 

Fans mourned the loss of New York Yankees pitcher 
Cory Lidle, whose small plane crashed into a NYC 
apartment building, and Baseball Hall of Famer Kirby 
Puckett, who died of a stroke at age 45. Longtime 
coaches Red Auerbach (Boston Celtics) and Bo 
Schembechler (Michigan football) also died. 

1. World Scries MVP David Eckstein and the St. Louis Cardinals topped the AI. Champion Detroit Tigers in Game 5 of the 102nd 

Fall Classic. Eckstein, went 6-for-9 with four RBIs in Games -i and 5. hit the fourth-inning RBI groundout that brought home the 

winning run. The title was the Cardinals' tenth - the most of any NL team - but their first since 1982. Tony LaRussa became just 

in the history of baseball to win a series title in both leagues. 

2. As the new American diplomat)' envoy, five- 
time World Champion Michelle Kwan will travel 
the world promoting American values 

3. Tennis great Andre Agassi retired with an 
emotional farewell at the U.S. Open after a third- 
round loss. 4. Daytona 500 and Brickyard winner 
Jimtnie Johnson eventually won the Nextel Cup 
title and was named Driver of the Year. 

5. The most recognized soccer plaver in the 
world went Hollywood. David Beckham signed a 
deal worth a reported $250 million in salan and 

1 1 immercial endorsements to play with the Los 
Angeles Galaxy. 

6. Bowl Championship Series MVP Chris Leak 
quarterbacked the Florida Gators to a -i 1-14 
thumping of Ohio State and the national title. 7. 
Serena Williams, ranked 81st, won the Australian 
Open, beating top-seeded Maria Sharapi >\ j 

( 0f- ( 07 

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